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Back to School

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DIY with Jo

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How Long Will It Last?

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Amphora at Home

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Spring Blends

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Spring Skincare

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Stay Home & Spa

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Festive Aromatherapy

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Christmas Gifts

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Home Pampering

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Multi-Purpose Oils

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Student Survival Kit

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Natural Beauty Awards

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Summer Skincare Tips

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Shampoo Bar Benefits

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National Rose Month

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Managing Exam Stress

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Summer Festivals

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Get In The Mood

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Give Your Skin A Treat

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Blends to Suit Your Mood

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Amphora Aromatics: an artist’s guide to the essential festival toiletry kit By Georgie Ward – pianist, composer and high-maintenance festival goer Fresh from the Glastonbury…
Festival and holiday season is now in full swing! Packing all your toiletries when travelling can be a bit of a nightmare especially when you
Introducing… Therapist Focus! A new series of Q&A blogs with therapists who trust and love Amphora products. Each month we will explore a new therapy…
Take a Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Peppermint Harvest, India With its uplifting scent, potential to help improve mental performance and…
Simple Sumptuous Face Oil Recipes for Different Skin Types With the growing popularity of facial oils on the high street, we thought we’d show you…
Beauty not only needs constant care
Following the success of our plant-inspired shampoo range, we have launched 5 natural plant-inspired shower & bath gels. Featuring holistic, Ayurvedic herb powders to boost…
Celebrate Your Face Fuzz this Movember!! – DIY Moisturing Beard Oil and Moustache Wax Recipes Are you or do you know of anyone growing a…
Take a Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Citrus Harvest, Southern Italy As we cosy up for the colder months, Amphora Aromatics’…
Help skin stay soft over winter with seed oil moisturisers From harsh winds and cold air through to central heating, our skin can take a…

So Fresh and So Clean!

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Tomorrow is World Handwashing Day! ‘A day dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of handwashing with soap as an easy, effective and affordable way to prevent disease and save lives.’ – WaterAid. Many infections are spread when hands are contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses.

5 Reasons we Love Shea Butter

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Shea Butter is one of the most wonderful natural ways of moisturising and hydrating both the skin and hair. It has been used for centuries…

New season, new face mask!

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September is here meaning back to school and college for many of you. This time can be very exciting, but it can also be very…
Are you looking for natural skincare products that does not cost the earth? Then look no further. Here at AA Skincare we have just launched…

The Amazing Benefits of Face Masks

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It’s safe to say everyone loves a good pampering session especially using face masks. One of the main advantages of using face masks is that…
‘Yogaromas' Essential Oils for your Yoga Practice There’s no doubt that aromatherapy and yoga compliment one another beautifully. Each offer us a useful way to…
School’s out for summer!! It’s a great chance to spend time with the kids and take a break from the usual routine (it is certainly…
Summer is now in full swing. To keep cool and carry on in the heat it is essential to keep skin hydrated - and our…
3 Essential oils to help with Muscle Recovery July certainly seems to be a very sport centred month. Summer is in full swing, the Tour…
With around eight million tonnes of plastic waste entering our oceans every year, there is a push for the UK government to ban plastic microbeads…

Aromatherapy in the Home

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Aromatherapy in the Home Its Aromatherapy Awareness week, so we’re celebrating the many uses of essential oils and how they can benefit our everyday lives.…

4 Essential Oils for Summer time

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4 Essential Oils for Summer time Summer has officially arrived. June is a wonderful month for enjoying the longest days of the year and making…
Aromatherapy for stress relief 3 essential oils for calming the mind Aromatherapy is often used to help reduce stress levels and to help us practice…
May is National Arthritis Awareness month. It is thought nearly 10 million people each year in the UK will seek help from their GP concerning…
Have you seen our new Ooharr face masks? Treating yourself to a face mask is a great way to treat skin concerns and keep your…


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Harsh weather and cold winter months can take its toll on your hair - leaving it dry, frizzy, and totally unmanageable by springtime. Now the…
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