Aromatherapy for stress relief - 3 Essential oils for Calming the Mind

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Aromatherapy for stress relief

3 essential oils for calming the mind

Aromatherapy is often used to help reduce stress levels and to help us practice mindfulness.

The practice of mindfulness is a combination of meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and bringing yourself into awareness of the present moment.

It can be a valuable way of managing the increasing stress levels in everyday life. 
The use of therapeutic oils during mediation can greatly enhance our experience. Our sense of smell and our emotions are intimately linked and each essential oil has its own effect on the mind, memories and emotion.


Frankincense can help steer our mind away from distractions clouding our everyday lives. Many of us find modern technologies can start to dictate our patterns of being, despite being out of synch with our natural rhythms.
Switch off your phones, laptops and televisions, take time to sit, breath and resonate yourself with the moment.

To set the scene, try the following blend in a diffuser:

3 Drops Frankincense – to ground yourself and promote inner calm.
2 Drops Sandalwood –to open the heart and heal emotional wounds.
2 Drops Myrrh – bringing about tranquility and spiritual openness.



Burning sage has long been a tradition prior to rituals and ceremonies. It is thought to cleanse the air, removing negative energies and restoring balance. Sage has a grounding effect, perfect for creating a calm atmosphere in which to relax, meditate and unwind. Used in a vaporizer it can help calm nerves and treat depression.
As well as helping you relax, meditation can increase your energy levels in day to day life. Enabling you to sleep better, clearing your mind of worries and anxieties and helping you to think more clearly.

For a blend when you feel your mind is in need of a lift:

• 2 Drops Sage – restoring and balancing. 
• 1 Drop Rosemary – energizing and stimulating.
• 2 Drops Bergamot – uplifting and brightening.

Rose Otto

Beautifully sweet, floral rose oil is well known for bringing feelings of joy and boosting emotional wellbeing.  Can also help women dealing with hormonal stress, the scent has long been a useful aid to offer peace and comfort in times of trauma and is recognized as a symbol of love and purity.
This is another great way to practice mindfulness using aromatherapy. To help keep spirits high when symptoms of PMS may arise. It is vital for women during these times to tune your awareness into the present moment.

A harmonizing blend for women:

• 3 Drops Rose Otto – uplifting; often used to alleviate nervous tension and stress, help with grief and depression.
• 2 Drops Lavender – the ultimate calm; its ability to quiet the mind and offer feelings of emotional content make it a great oil for use in relaxation and meditation. It blends well with a variety of different oils.
• 1 Drops Ylang Ylang – slows down heart rate and breathing – an excellent oil to use in times of trauma and helps balance male and female energies.
• 1 Drop Geranium – a wonderfully cheerful scent, known for boosting the regulatory function of the hormone system. Another womanly, floral scent to help reclaim and balance your feminine side.

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