Amphora Aromatics offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of pure essential oils and aromatherapy skincare products in the UK.  Founded in 1984, our experience means we are the natural choice for all things aromatherapy.

Face and Eye Gels

Face and Eye Gels

These intensely hydrating gels are light and quickly absorbed. They have a delicate aroma and work to
ensure the skin on your face and around your eyes is kept looking and feeling its best every day.

  • Naturally soothing Arnica gel

  • A multi use gel in a handy pump dispenser

  • May help soothe bruising and muscle strains

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  • A refreshing & renewing eye gel

  • Made with natural plant extracts

  • Designed to help reduce puffiness

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  • Calming, multipurpose Lavender gel

  • Made with herbal extracts and pure essential oils

  • Perfect for calming the irritation caused by small insect bites etc - for all over body use

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  • Light and refreshing

  • Made with pure Rose oil

  • Great for helping hydrate and revive dry skin types

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  • Soothing and gentle

  • A multi-purpose product

  • Removes make up, soothes & cools tired eyes

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  • Multipurpose, antiseptic Tea tree gel

  • Great for use on acne prone skin

  • Can help calm insect bites & fungal infections

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