Amphora Aromatics offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of pure essential oils and aromatherapy skincare products in the UK.  Founded in 1984, our experience means we are the natural choice for all things aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Gels

Aromatherapy Gels

Our carefully developed range of Aromatherapy Gels are designed to make best use of natural extracts and essential oils to treat and indulge your skin.

From the gentle, calming qualities of Lavender Gel to the warming and stimulating effects of the Muscle & Joint Gel Super Plus and the wonderful soothing and cooling action of our After Sun Cooling Gel, there's a gel here for every purpose.

516_after sun cooling gel (100ml) jar+compo copy_300x300.jpg
  • Cooling and soothing

  • Made with herbal extracts

  • A lovely way to cool the skin after a spell in the sun

0 Rating
524_aloe_vera_gel_jar+compo copy_300x300.jpg
  • Cooling and gentle

  • Made with herbal extracts

  • A great general purpose gel

5 Ratings 5 Reviews
530_apricot_facial_scrub_jar+compo copy_300x300.jpg
  • Exfoliant and a deep pore cleanser

  • Made with Apricot Kernal Oil and Olive stones

  • An excellent make up remover

8 Ratings 7 Reviews
531_arnica gel_jar+compo copy_300x300.jpg
  • Arnica has been used throughout history to soothe bumps & bruises

  • Made with herbal extracts and sweet almond oil

  • Perfect for bruises and general pain relief and suitable for all over body use

3 Ratings 4 Reviews
aa green tea & aloe eye gel 300x300.jpg
  • Cooling, soothing and protecting

  • Green Tea is a great anti-oxidant and is also anti-inflammatory

  • A real treat for the area around your eyes - great for the rest of your face too

0 Rating
545_lavender gel jar+compo copy_300x300.jpg
  • Cooling and soothing

  • Made with herbal extracts and pure essential oils

  • Perfect for calming various skin irritations

9 Ratings 8 Reviews
Muscle  Joint Gel 60ml
  • Warming

  • Muscle and Joint ease

  • Made with herbal extracts and essential oils including Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Black Pepper and Camphor to warm and stimulate muscles

12 Ratings 12 Reviews
  • Cooling and soothing

  • A great multipurpose gel

  • Refreshes the area around the eye - a great make up remover too

25 Ratings 20 Reviews
551_tea_tree_gel_jar+compo copy_300x300.jpg
  • Naturally cleansing, cooling & calming

  • Our Tea Tree Gel is made with essential oils and herbal extracts

  • A targeted treatment gel to naturally help calm, clear and soothe the skin

  • It is a natural antibacterial agent that penetrates deep into the skin, helping to dry out acne and pimples, as well as helping with oily skin

  • Not only can it help with your skin, it also has healing properties which can help with small insect bites, athletes foot or similar fungal infections

1 Rating 2 Reviews