Amphora Aromatics is one of the UK's biggest suppliers of Pure Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Sundries. Founded in 1984, our years of experience mean we are the natural choice for all things Aromatherapy.

Cleansing Products

Cleansing Products

This stunning collection of natural cleansers includes intensely hydrating gels, a soothing face wash, a gently effective toning water and our truly gorgeous Rosemary deep cleansing oil. 

  • Cleansing, refreshing and conditioning

  • A gorgeous, uplifting scent

  • Great for all skin types

2 Ratings
  • A naturally effective cleansing gel

  • Intensely hydrating and nourishing for the skin

  • Especially well suited to dry and mature skins

4 Ratings
  • This naturally effective face wash helps to cleanse and protect the skin

  • Ideal for congested & acne prone skins

  • Naturally soothing and repairing

3 Ratings
  • A soothing and deeply cleansing multi purpose face oil

  • A naturally effective make up remover and skin toner

  • Suitable for all skin types

3 Ratings
  • An intensely moisturising and hydrating face wash

  • Rich in vital antioxidants and vitamins

  • Helps promote healthy cell growth to repair and restore

0 Rating