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Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Moisturisers

Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Moisturisers

Shea Butter and Virgin Coconut have been used for centuries for their moisturising properties in many parts of the world.
Shea Butter has been a beauty secret in Africa for hundreds of years. Thanks to the unique formula, Shea Butter has an abundance of skin healing properties and is widely recognised for its wonderful ability to treat dry, dehydrated and ageing skin.

  • Nourishing & Rejuvenating

  • Helps to hydrate, tone and revive the skin

  • A great choice for dry and mature skin

  • All Skin Types

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565_virgin coconut oil_jar+compo_300x300.jpg
  • Species
    Cocos nucifera
  • Nourishing and protecting

  • An all natural moisturiser to help promote healthy looking skin

  • Deeply penetrating and hydrating

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  • Rejuvenating and nourishing

  • Shea butter is an amazing moisturiser in it's own right - we've added rejuvenating Frankincense and Rose to create a moisturising butter cream that is gentle, highly effective and has a wonderful aroma

  • Great for regular use, the combined effects of the shea butter and frankincense make this product one of our best sellers

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  • Calming and nourishing

  • Intensely moisturising and nourishing

  • With added essential oils Lavender & Chamomile

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  • Species
    Butyrospermum parkii
  • Moisturising and protecting

  • High in fatty acids and many vitamins including A & E, An all natural intensive moisturiser

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