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Electronic Fragrancers

Electronic Fragrancers

A range of safe and efficient electric vaporisers which plug into a normal household supply.

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  • Warms essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils to hand heat temperature

  • Provides gradient warmth so you can place heavier oils in the middle and lighter oils around the edge

  • Easy to use, easy to clean

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  • The clean, effective way of dispersing aromas without using a flame or a hot plate

  • The purest way to vaporise essential oils

  • Fan-assisted

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  • Replacement pads for the Aroma Stream Fragrancer

  • Absorbent and safe

  • The purest way to vaporise essential oils

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  • 7 Relaxing changing colours - the perfect gift for any home

  • Near silent ultrasonic humidifier for cool fine mist

  • Use with aromatherapy oils to pleasantly fill any room with your choice of natural aroma

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  • Incredibly easy to use - plug it in and add 3 drops of oil! Built in temperature regulator so can be left unattended with confidence

  • Extremely economical - runs on just 1/10th of the energy of an old fashioned light bulb

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