Lucy Reetooraz

Sales and Marketing Administrator

Lucy joined Amphora in June 2014 after returning from a long trip around Asia. During her travels her passion for Aromatherapy increased and she also experienced and learned about various types of massage and many uses of different oils and herbs. She was particularly fascinated by Ayurvedic medicine in India. 

Along with Ben Orr and Sophie, Lucy is the first point of contact for anyone who contacts Amphora. Her lively and bubbly personality is perfectly suited to her main role of answering the phone and dealing with our lovely customers. 

Having previously worked for one of our customers Lucy was already well aware of the Amphora brand and our products. This helped her to settle in very quickly and she loves being able to develop her knowledge still further. Aromatherapy is a very big subject and there is a lot to learn but this only serves to keep Lucy stimulated. One of her favourite parts of the job is discovering yet another way in which essential oils can be used and sharing her endless enthusiasm for the subject with other people.  

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Woody Evans

General Manager


Eugény Couture

In-house Aromatherapist

Eugény joined Amphora in late 2013 after moving to England from her native France a couple of years earlier. In France Eugény worked for Nature et Découvertes before joining Lush Cosmetics on moving to England.

Eugeny has a lifelong passion for Aromatherapy which started at a young age. Brought up in the French countryside, her formative years were spent foraging for herbs and plants and her affinity with the natural world continues today. 

Now a fully qualified Aromatherapist, Eugeny works to create exciting new products for Amphora using natural ingredients. Her deep knowledge of the function of hundreds of different plants and natural ingredients means she really enjoys the opportunity of creating new formulations and products. 

Eugeny loves sharing her knowledge and passion for Aromatherapy and acted as consultant Aromatherapist for the book Aromatherapy in Practice. You’ll soon be able to see Eugeny in action as she and Sophie will be appearing in our new “How To” videos.

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Miles Davies

Export Manager

Miles first started working for Amphora in 2001 and has been part of the huge growth and success Amphora has enjoyed over the years. 

Miles has a keen interest in Aromatherapy, medicinal plants and their benefits to our health and wellbeing. He was lucky enough to have parents who had a passion for wildlife and nature and so his interest in the natural world began at a young age. They taught him about the great outdoors, our native plants and their natural healing properties. This love for the outdoors developed into a lifelong interest in Aromatherapy. 

Miles makes sure that our export department runs smoothly on a day to day basis. He works closely with his dedicated team to send many orders overseas on a daily basis. Miles is proud of his team’s achievements in securing new overseas territories and their success in growing Amphora’s export business over the last few years. 

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Rory Lowings 

Quality Assurance Manager. 

Rory started his career at Amphora in June 2012 and started as a member of the export packing team. He then joined the team in the office and moved to his current role in early 2014. 

Rory is in charge of ensuring that all ingredients and finished products meets our stringent quality thresholds. Ingredients are tested for purity and freshness while finished products are tested for stability and to check that the right ingredients have been used in the correct amounts. 

He oversees our Lab here at Amphora HQ and also works with a number of consultants from various independent companies. His aim is to make sure that every pot that leaves our warehouse meets our rigorous standards. 

Rory is also responsible for keeping up to date with the latest regulations and safety standards both at home and overseas. 

Rory is a keen environmentalist and believes the more that natural remedies and herbs are used to deal with every-day stresses and strains the healthier we can become as a society. 




Ben Orr

Senior Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Social Media Administrator

Ben joined Amphora in 2009 after a varied career that included a long stint in local radio. He’s always had a strong interest in Aromatherapy and natural products and was delighted to find a job that enabled him to combine his passion for natural products with his enthusiasm for customer service and social media. 

Ben started in the warehouse working across both export and UK departments to offer assistance wherever it was required. After a few months doing this he was asked to join the office staff. 

He enjoys the opportunity to constantly evolve and develop his understanding of Aromatherapy and essential oils and considers himself fortunate to have such a varied and interesting role. He has built positive relationships with many of our biggest customers and enjoys the challenge of ensuring that every customer receives the best possible service from himself and the rest of the team.

Amongst other things, Ben is also responsible for our Social Media operations and for keeping the websites up to date and accurate.  

Along with Zoë Green (manager of our shop in Bristol), he wrote Aromatherapy in Practice, an easy to understand and clearly written book aimed at helping people get started in the wonderful world of pure essential oils and other natural ingredients. 

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Sophie Rouse

Sales and Marketing Administrator 

Sophie moved to Bristol from her native Leicester in late 2012 and started working at Amphora in January 2014. Her background of over 6 years in the beauty and skincare industry meant that she brought plenty of experience with her. 

Sophie is a qualified Beauty Therapist with a particular interest in skincare and a passion for using natural products to help people achieve their desired results. Whilst working for some of our competitors she spotted the trend in the rise in popularity of all things natural and was excited to find an opportunity at Amphora to combine two of her passions – skincare and natural ingredients. 

Sophie is one of the first points of contact for anyone who calls or emails Amphora and is happy to be part of a team that is so dedicated to the highest standards in customer service. She also enjoys offering advice to people over the phone and sharing her great understanding and knowledge of the skin to help people look and feel great.

Always happy to pitch in and help her colleagues, Sophie will also be starring alongside Eugeny in our new “How To” videos in the coming months!

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Ben Pride

Export Supervisor

Ben has been with Amphora for over fifteen years and has worked in various departments during that time. He had a natural affinity for essential oils and other natural products and was delighted to be able to find a job which allowed him to discover more about the subject. 

Ben started in the UK division before moving to the office to work as a customer service administrator. He then moved to the export team and now works closely with Miles to ensure that their department runs smoothly every day. 

Having been with the company for so long Ben is a highly valued member of the team who is always willing to share his experience and expertise with other members of staff. 

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