Lucy Reetooraz

Lucy Reetooraz

Sales and Marketing Administrator

Lucy joined Amphora in June 2014 after returning from a long trip around Asia. During her travels her passion for Aromatherapy increased and she also experienced and learned about various types of massage and many uses of different oils and herbs. She was particularly fascinated by Ayurvedic medicine in India. 

Along with Ben Orr and Sophie, Lucy is the first point of contact for anyone who contacts Amphora. Her lively and bubbly personality is perfectly suited to her main role of answering the phone and dealing with our lovely customers. 

Having previously worked for one of our customers Lucy was already well aware of the Amphora brand and our products. This helped her to settle in very quickly and she loves being able to develop her knowledge still further. Aromatherapy is a very big subject and there is a lot to learn but this only serves to keep Lucy stimulated. One of her favourite parts of the job is discovering yet another way in which essential oils can be used and sharing her endless enthusiasm for the subject with other people.  

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