Sophie Rouse

Sophie Rouse

Sales and Marketing Administrator 

Sophie moved to Bristol from her native Leicester in late 2012 and started working at Amphora in January 2014. Her background of over 6 years in the beauty and skincare industry meant that she brought plenty of experience with her. 

Sophie is a qualified Beauty Therapist with a particular interest in skincare and a passion for using natural products to help people achieve their desired results. Whilst working for some of our competitors she spotted the trend in the rise in popularity of all things natural and was excited to find an opportunity at Amphora to combine two of her passions – skincare and natural ingredients. 

Sophie is one of the first points of contact for anyone who calls or emails Amphora and is happy to be part of a team that is so dedicated to the highest standards in customer service. She also enjoys offering advice to people over the phone and sharing her great understanding and knowledge of the skin to help people look and feel great.

Always happy to pitch in and help her colleagues, Sophie will also be starring alongside Eugeny in our new “How To” videos in the coming months!

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