Animal Testing Policy

Amphora Aromatics does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals. 

Amphora Aromatics opposes the use of animal testing of cosmetics and is pleased to note that an EU wide ban on this practice is now in place. 

Many years ago we were made aware that most of the ingredients used in cosmetics had at some point in history been tested on animals, so to undermine the testing of new ingredients we joined the initiative of ‘fixed cut off dates’ which meant that we would not accept any new Cosmetic ingredient which had been animal tested after January 1991. We insist that all of our suppliers conform to a fixed cut off date protocol. 

The animal testing of formulations (mixtures of ingredients) has always seemed indefensible to us and we are pleased to note that this has become replaced, by law, on an industry wide basis, by safety assessments based on the properties of the individual ingredients and their known safety properties in combination.