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AA Skincare launches Seasonal Gift Packs.

AA Skincare has launched a new range of ethically sourced, gorgeous beauty and skincare gifts, made from pure essential oils and classic natural ingredients such as Lavender, Frankincense and Sandalwood – and they don’t cost the earth. 


From beauty-boosting face masks and lotions to soothing liquid soap and hand creams, each natural beauty kit is the perfect gift to give all ages and all skin and hair types a treat. Beautifully packaged in soft colours, each kit is designed to nourish and hydrate skin to restore its natural balance.

Gift pack prices start at just £14.88 (including P&P) for a Hair Kit. Find out more or order by visiting or Postage & Packaging free for orders over £25.00, Tel: 01179087770. 

Choose from a mix of thirteen delicious combinations from the AA Skincare Essentials range: 

Vitamin Boost Face Kit

This skin nourishing kit is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Palmarosa rejuvenates and regenerates skin, promoting healthy cell growth. Sandalwood softens and conditions. Price: £15.50 including P&P


•Sandalwood & Palmarosa Cleansing Face Gel (100ml)

•Sandalwood & Palmarosa Moisturising Face Lotion (100ml)

Helping Hands Kit 

Designed to help hard-working hands recover, naturally moisturising Almond & Sandalwood cream works with uplifting and revitalising Peppermint & Ginger liquid soap to nourish and protect hands. Price: £16.50 including P&P


•Peppermint & Ginger Uplifting Liquid Soap (250ml)

•Almond & Sandalwood Moisturising Hand Cream (50ml)

Soothing & Balancing Face Kit 

Featuring naturally antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal Lavender and Tea Tree, this calming and soothing collection helps to balance acne-prone skin. Price: £22.50 including P&P


•Lavender & Tea Tree Cleansing Face Gel (100ml)

•Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion (100ml)

•Lavender Calming Multi-purpose Gel (50ml)

Natural Remedy Kit 

From anti-inflammatory Arnica to anti-bacterial Teatree, these naturally effective first aid essentials are perfect for soothing anything from insect bites to fungal infections. Price: £22.50 including P&P


•Arnica Gel First Aid Essential (50ml)

•Lavender Calming Multi-purpose Gel (50ml)

•Tea Tree Natural Antiseptic Gel (50ml)

Detox & Restore Face Mask Kit 

A beauty-boosting clay mask collection to tone, revitalise and balance skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The perfect skin detox. Price: £26.50 including P&P


•Mint & Dead Sea Salt Deep Cleansing Clay Mask (100ml)

•Frankincense & Rose Deep Cleansing Clay Mask (100ml)

•Vanilla & Honey Skin Polisher Clay Mask (100ml)

Rose & Pomegranate Hair Care Kit 

A delicious duo of rejuvenating Rose and anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate work together to nourish hair, leaving it soft and silky. Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants for healthy hair. Price: £14.88 including P&P


•Rose & Pomegranate Shampoo (250ml)

•Rose & Pomegranate Conditioner (250ml)

Face Rejuvenating Kit

Our best-selling Frankincense & Rose range is at the heart of this facial rejuvenating kit - developed to hydrate, tone and firm skin, helping to slow down the signs of ageing. Packed with anti-oxidants and suitable for all skin types. Price: £28.00 including P&P Contains:

• Rejuvenating Rose Hydrating Daily Face Gel (50ml)

• Frankincense & Rose Cleansing Face Gel (100ml)

• Frankincense & Rose Moisturising Face Lotion (100ml)

• Frankincense & Rose Moisturising Face Cream (50ml)

Refresh & Renew Face Kit


The perfect hydrating collection to ensure skin stays fresh and supple. From Neroli and Aloe to Lavender and Rosemary, a gorgeous mix of natural ingredients and essential oils help to revitalise and nourish skin. Price: £28.50 including P&P


•Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel (50ml)

•Deep Cleansing Oil with Rosemary & Olive Oil (150ml)

•Lavender & Tea Tree Cleansing Gel (100ml)

•Neroli & Aloe Moisturising Face Cream (50ml)


Hydrating & Toning Face Kit.


A gorgeous selection of hydrating, toning and reviving AA Skincare products, beautifully presented in one of our very own pillow packs. Our best selling blend of Frankincense & Rose can now be enjoyed as a cleanser, toner, lotion and face cream - everything you need for a lovely pampering session and natural facial. Price: £24.50 including P&P.

  • Frankincense & Rose Face Toner 150ml.
  • Frankincense & Rose Moisturising Face Cream 50ml.
  • Frankincense & Rose Cleansing Face Gel 100ml.


  Conditioning Hair Kit.


Our conditioning hair care kit is a great gift idea! Beautifully presented in one of our AA Skincare Pillow packs, with a nutrient-rich duo of natural hair care products. Price: £14.88 including P&P.

  • Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Shampoo 250ml.
  • Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary Conditioner 250ml.


Deep Cleansing Hair Kit.

A delightful, deep cleansing hair care duo, beautifully presented in one of our AA Skincare Pillow Packs. Price: £14.88 including P&P. 

  •  Cedarwood & Peppermint Deep Cleansing Conditioner 250ml.
  • Cedarwood & Peppermint Deep Cleansing Conditioner 250ml.


Nourishing Hair Kit.


The nourishing hair set is packed with gorgeous natural ingredients to help make your hair shine. Price: £14.88 including P&P.

  •  Peony, Bay & Brahmi Shampoo 250ml.
  • Peony, Bay & Brahmi Conditioner 250ml.

Rejuvenating Hair Kit


A delicious duo of rejuvenating Amla & Clary Sage shampoo & conditioner. Beautifully presented in one of our AA Skincare pillow packs. Price: £14.88 including P&P.

  • Amla & Clary Sage Rejuvenating Shampoo 250ml.
  • Alma & Clary Sage Rejuvenating Conditioner 250ml.



AA Skincare Essentials



The AA Skincare brand was created by Amphora Aromatics – one of the UK's largest suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy products. The AA Skincare Essentials range remains true to Amphora Aromatics' core values – sourcing the best quality ingredients and creating innovative formulations at affordable prices – starting at just £5.94. 

Visit to order or find out more or contact Amphora Aromatics Ltd on 0117 908 7770


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