Naturally Effective Alternatives to Microbeads

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With around eight million tonnes of plastic waste entering our oceans every year, there is a push for the UK government to ban plastic microbeads in beauty and personal care products - following the example set by the US and other countries around the world. Two thirds of Brits are in favour of a ban,

according to a new survey by Greenpeace.

Microbeads – solid plastic particles less than five millimetres in size – are found in many beauty and personal care products including facial exfoliators, body scrubs and toothpaste but are extremely harmful to marine life, which are ingesting them, resulting in toxins further up the food chain.

But what naturally effective alternatives are available and how can they play a part in our beauty and skincare routines? Here I have listed a couple of favourites at Amphora Aromatics.

Epsom Salts – stimulating and purifying, Epsom Salts are a fine, pure mineral compound – Magnesium Sulphate.  A natural and gentle exfoliator, the salts work to stimulate circulation and draw out impurities from oily and combination skin.  Epsom Salts are also a great way to treat sore muscles and relieve stress.  Mix with essential oils and natural ingredients to make your own, all natural, aromatherapy blend.

Dead Sea Salts – mineral rich and therapeutic. Help to detoxify and soften acne prone, oily skin as part of regular skincare routine. A stronger exfoliator than Epsom Salts, these work well as a bath soak too.  Dead Sea Salts are also a key natural ingredient in AA Skincare’s exfoliating Mint & Dead Sea Salt Deep Cleansing Face Mask.

Apricot Facial Scrub – Our very own gorgeous and gentle Apricot Facial Scrub is the perfect exfoiliant and deep pore cleanser for all skin types, especially those with dry and sensitive skin. It is made with Apricot Kernel oil and olive stones which act as a great microbead alternative. Perfect for removing makeup and excess oil and dirt leaving the skin thoroughly refreshed.

Follow the links below for tips on how to make your own natural exfoliators. 



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