School’s out for summer!! Aromatherapy blends to help you survive the school holidays.

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School’s out for summer!!  It’s a great chance to spend time with the kids and take a break from the usual routine (it is certainly a time welcomed by teachers across the country).
Summer holidays can also pose a challenge for parents, left with the task of entertaining children on a daily basis and keeping everything calm

between squabbling siblings. What’s more, it can be difficult to keep the kids in a reasonable routine to ensure sleeping patterns aren’t knocked too far out of sync.

Relaxing blends for bedtime and bickering 

Six weeks of free time and a change in routine is exciting for children who can find it hard to unwind at bedtime. Essential oils can be a lovely way to relax children before bedtime – and help parents de-stress and keep calm too.

All of these oils and blends can be used in added to a vapouriser, a bath or diluted to 1% with a carrier oil and massaged onto the skin.


You can’t go wrong with the most renowned of all essential oils. There have been countless studies looking into how it can offer gentle relief from stress, anxiety and promote a good night’s sleep. Lavender is a gentle oil and generally a good one to use with children around.

Try blending:

3 drops Lavender, 2 drops of Ylang Ylang & 2 drops of Bergamot


Another very gentle oil that can help you to unwind and relax (there’s a reason people love to drink it in tea form before bedtime). It’s extensively used across a wide range of natural bath and body products due to its calming properties both on the mind and the skin.

Try blending:

3 drops Chamomile Maroc, 2 drops Mandarin & 2 drops Lavender.


Renowned as being a ‘happy’ oil due to its fresh, sweet and bright aroma; it could help calm any bedtime tantrums. It is a gentle oil to burn around the children and its pleasing scent is loved by most. It also blends beautifully with most other oils.

Trying blending:

3 drops of Mandarin, 2 drops Frankincense and 1 drop of Ravensara.


Oils for bumps, bruises and bites.

The summer holidays can mean time spent outdoors - playing in the garden, picnics, walks and family days out. Playing outside can lead to bumps, bruises and insect bites, so it’s good to keep a natural remedy first aid kit at hand.

Arnica has been used throughout history to help calm inflammation from minor bruises, sprains and bumps. It is particularly renowned for helping reduce signs of bruising, when applied twice daily to the affected skin.  Simply massage over the affected area either in an oil or gel form.

The high content of Allantoin in Comfrey, has made it a popular choice over time to help calm the skin and it is through to promote a faster healing time for bruises and sprained muscles.  It can be applied to the skin in an infused oil or as part of an aromatherapy cream.

Tea Tree is one of the most versatile of all essential oils.  Often used in skincare to help prevent breakouts of acne, it can also be useful to use on insect bites.
Please be aware that TeaTree is a very potent oil and, as with all essential oils, it must be diluted before applying to the skin.

For a ready to use preparation, you can try using it in a water based gel to help cool and reduce signs of redness around the affected area (be careful not to apply to broken skin). 

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Happy Summer!

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