Natural ingredients including plants, herbs and salts have been proven over many generations to provide gentle, safe but effective skincare solutions.

Natural formulations such as Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Borage that have been used for millenia to enhance beauty and promote wellbeing are once again enjoying a resurgence as consumers recognise the benefits of using natural products on their skin rather than mass-marketed synthetic formulations.

Our skin is our largest organ and also the gateway to our blood stream. Chemicals rubbed into the skin enter our blood stream quickly. Typically a woman will apply up to 200 chemicals to her skin every day through make up, beauty and hair-care products. By using natural health and beauty products, we can eliminate many of these harmful chemicals and replace them with natural ingredients that may also offer health benefits.



There are more and more commercially available preparations on the market but perhaps the best way to find the most suitable product for your particular needs is to either make your own or consult a qualified aromatherapist. Some aromatherapists concentrate solely on providing skincare treatments although most combine this with other areas of aromatherapy. 

Making your own creams and lotions is fairly straightforward. There are recipes elsewhere on this site and hundreds more available via a quick search on the internet. 

The advantage of making your own blends or having a bespoke treatment created for you is that you know exactly what has gone into the mix and so there are no hidden nasty surprises that you might find in the big name products. The ingredients can also be carefully selected to suit your individual requirements.

Essential oils can be mixed with base creams or lotions as well as beeswax, cocoa butter, floral waters or shea butter. Self-prepared blends often cost much less than those available on the high street while still offering similar (if not better) results. 





Skincare is not all about slathering lotions and creams on your skin. A healthy diet is important as well as taking regular exercise. As the skin is the organ most used to eliminate toxins and waste products it is important that the other eliminating organs such as the kidneys and the colon are in good working order too. If they are not acting as they should then the skin struggles to deal with the amount of toxins trying to pass through which can lead to boils, acne and other skin conditions.