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Aromatherapy books

Aromatherapy books

Our range of titles has been carefully selected to supply comprehensive and uncomplicated texts to help everyone use their oils wisely and well.

There is a book for everyone - from Christine Westwoods "Aromatharapy: A Guide For Home Use" for the beginners to the more extensive texts for the experienced such as "Aromatherapy an A-Z by Patricia Davis.
We supply these books at the most competitive prices possible to enable everyone to benefit from the amazing potential of aromatherapy treatment.

  • A wonderful introduction the the world of herbal medicine

  • Features 50 of the most useful self medication plants

  • Great to use in conjunction with our range of Non Culinary Herbs

  • Andrew Chevallier has been in practice as a medical herbalist since 1986

1 Rating
  • A best-selling guide for beginners

  • Christine Westwood is a qualified aromatherapist and a highly respected author of books on the subject

  • Over 750,000 copies sold

4 Ratings
  • Contains recipes and massage techniques for a wide range of conditons

  • Ann Percival is a registered state nurse and a qualified aromatherapist

0 Rating
  • The most up to date encylopaedia of Aromatherapy available today

  • 400 entries covering 82 essential oils

  • Patricis Davis has been a qualified Aromatherapist and best-selling author on the subject for many years

0 Rating
  • Your introduction to the wonderful world of Aromatherapy

  • Packed wth tips, blends & recipes

  • Easy to read guide suitable for beginners and those with some experience looking to further develop their knowledge

0 Rating
  • An easy to use quick reference guide to Aromatherapy

  • An innovative wheel system is used to enable readers match ailments to essential oils

  • Geoff Lyth is the chairman of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and Sue Charles is a qualified Aromatherapist with a pharmaceutical background and more than 15 year experience

0 Rating
  • A simple and thorough guide to Aromatherapy for the beginner

  • Easy reference chapters

  • Marion Del Gaudio Mak is a qualified aromatherapist and beauty therapist

0 Rating
  • A guide to using Aromatherapy in clinical situations

  • Examines and explains ways to enhance patient care using pure essential oils etc

  • Jane Buckle is a qualified Aromatherapist

0 Rating
  • Aimed at helping you to create high quality magical incense

  • Suitable for the complete beginner and the advanced ritualist

  • Dave Lee has been making incenses since 1978 and in 1980 created Alchemy Aromatics in response to the demand for proper, traditionally-made incenses

0 Rating
  • Shows how to use the beautiful aromas of essential oils for pain relief and calming tension during pregnancy and child birth

  • Features easy to follow cartoons and a section on the "Pregnant Father"

  • Jennie Supper is a midwife with many years experience

0 Rating
  • Clearly explains the benefits of essential oils in caring for baby

  • Shows which essential oils are safe to use with newborns and infants using clear, cartoon illustrations

  • Marion Del Gaudio Mak is a qualified aromatherapist and beauty therapist

0 Rating
  • A comprehensive and easy to read blending guide

  • Will help experienced and novice users to create the perfect blend for a wide range of ailments

  • Rosemary Caddy is a qualified clinical aromatherapist running her own clinic and carrying out a program of research on the chemistry of essential oils

0 Rating
  • The classic encyclopaedia of aromatherapy and essential oils

  • In three parts - see description for more information

  • Valerie Ann Worwood is internationally renowned as one of the worlds leading Aromatherapists

1 Rating
  • A comprehensive guide to Aromatherapy practice

  • Shows how each essentiail oil can alleviate symptoms, prevent illnesses and disorders and help the healing process

  • Valerie Ann Worwood is internationally renowned as one of the worlds leading Aromatherapists

1 Rating