Amphora Aromatics offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of pure essential oils and aromatherapy skincare products in the UK.  Founded in 1984, our experience means we are the natural choice for all things aromatherapy.

Body Creams/Gels

Body Creams/Gels
Body Creams/Gels
  • Rejuvenating and toning

  • Made with essential oils and herbal extracts

  • A superb moisturising face cream with the added benefit of a mild sunscreen too

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  • Rejuvenating and hydrating

  • Made with essential oils and herbal extracts

  • Particularly beneficial to dry skin types

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  • Antiseptic, protecting & soothing

  • Made with essential oils and herbal extracts

  • A soothing cream that is great to use with insect bites or acne breakouts

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  • Multipurpose, antiseptic Tea tree gel

  • Great for use on acne prone skin

  • Can help calm insect bites & fungal infections

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  • Naturally cleansing, cooling & calming

  • Our Tea Tree Gel is made with essential oils and herbal extracts

  • A targeted treatment gel to naturally help calm, clear and soothe the skin

  • It is a natural antibacterial agent that penetrates deep into the skin, helping to dry out acne and pimples, as well as helping with oily skin

  • Not only can it help with your skin, it also has healing properties which can help with small insect bites, athletes foot or similar fungal infections

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