Rose Water

Species: Rosa damascena
Plant Family: 



Rose Water - Hydrolate (The water recovered from the distillation process of Rosa damascena essential oil).

Usage & methods of application: 

The relaxing and moisturising properties as well as the gorgeous aroma of Rose essential oil are even easier to experience in this beautiful floral water.

Rose Water makes a great skin toner as it targets the underlying small capillaries within the skin, improving tone and the texture. 

Also perfect for use as cleanser - just add to a cotton pad and gently wipe on your face. It's a good makeup remover too. Alternatively it can be added to your bath for a relaxing and soothing soak. Also good for use as a body mist - simply take an empty and thoroughly cleaned spray bottle and decant the water into it. It can be also be used as a fragrant linen spray to freshen your bed sheets etc. 

For external use only.