Home Aromas

We've a wide range of products and aromas to help you keep your home or office smelling enticing and welcoming.

From Essential Oil Candles made with vegetable wax not animal fats or paraffin via Resin Incenses which are still used in the same way today as they have been for thousands of years to our ever popular range of Fragrances, we've got Aroma covered.

Aromatherapy Candles

Our extensive range of essential oil and fragrant candles offer a huge choice of aromas and come in several different sizes. Perfect for creating a specific mood, we have everything from uplifting and invigorating aromas to relaxing and sensuous. They're made with sustainably sourced vegetable wax and are free from paraffin or animal fats. We've recently augmented our range of 40hr candles with some excitingly enticing contemporary and modern aromas too

We also stock Nightlight candles and a smart and secure Candle Stand which is suitable for the 2" and 3" candles.

Reed Diffusers have become incredibly popular and we're happy to be able to offer 4 different themes. Each pack comes with a bottle containing a blend of pure essential oils and a bundle of diffuser sticks. Refill bottles and replacement reeds are also available. 

Incense Sticks

We offer a wide choice of high quality incense sticks too. These provide a more intense aroma and are perfect for deodorising and fragrancing your space. They're made with pure essential oils and high quality fragrances. These premium Incense Sticks help to infuse your space with wonderfully exotic aromas.

Resin Incense

Our Resin Incenses offer the purest and most natural form of infusing your home or office with gorgeous aromas. Resin incenses have been burned for thousands of years as part of various religious and ritual practices. They can be burned on charcoal discs (also available) or an open fire. They make a great talking point at parties too! Transport yourself and your friends and family back to the very beginnings of Aromatherapy by trying one of 4 sumptuous aromas. 

Aroma Salts

Our Dead Sea Aroma Salts are attractive to the eye and the nose. They come in a rainbow of lovely colours and are a lovely way to fragrance a room. You can simply open the jar and let the aromas escape or let them gently simmer in an oil burner. 


We have a wide range of Fragrances available. These are manufactured aromas and are a popular way of getting an approximation of the scent at great prices. They are suitable for use in burners or vaporisers and can be added to home-made blends to improve the fragrance. They are also used to make soaps and perfumes and can be added to Pot Pourri to refresh the aroma. Another good way to use them is to add 2-3 drops to a hanky or scrap of material and then leave in your clothes drawer to gently scent your clothes and bedding. There are over 50 gorgeous aromas to choose from. 


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