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Holistic Wellbeing with Lauren Garner

I am so happy to be sitting down for a chat and a cuppa at Amphora Aromatics Headoffice with Lauren Garner a Holistic Health Practitioner. She was coming from her Somerset home, so we had a bit of time for a behind the scenes tour of our 30,000 square foot warehouse, walking up and down the aisles and talking through the shelves of products and view of the factory production lines busily filling the amber glass bottles. It was good to discuss life in general, our shared love of aromatherapy products, and the benefits of a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. 

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It’s been great! At the beginning of the year I was travelling for work quite a bit, and spent a few months in Sri Lanka where I was working in a wellbeing space carrying out luxury treatments. I was then back in England and popped in to see you for a catch up before holding a Wellness Day Retreat in Pensford, near Bristol. The day was focused on welcoming in this new summer season as a group and seeing what we can adjust in our own lives to stay in sync and balance with the new season. I have quite a lot of planning to do for my upcoming Portugal Retreat series which will be happening this October and next April 2024, so that’s very exciting! 


I completed my qualifications in holistic health, massage & bodywork when I finished school, and then went onto study at the University of the West of England (UWE) where I gained a bachelor and a Masters degree in Health Psychology. My career started in a clinic working for the NHS as an Assistant Health Psychologist… outside of this I continued my training in alternative health with courses including nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga and movement therapy, and also mentoring and behaviour change. As well as those already mentioned I qualified in Multi-Style Yoga, Advanced Yoga Teacher Training & Movement Therapy, Embodied Yin, and Pregnancy & Postnatal bodywork, yoga & movement. The cycle of learning and teaching for me never stops.

I worked as a massage therapist at the Bristol Lido for quite a few years during my studies and thereafter, which gave me a lot of experience in massage, bodywork, and the wellbeing industry. After this I set up a small ‘studio’ in the spare room in my house at the time and started seeing clients one-on-one. 

I soon realised through my training and experience that I wanted to provide a more holistic service that incorporates all aspects of wellbeing (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and energetic). This then led to the opening of my wellness studio in the idyllic Somerset village where I grew up, and the creation of my wellbeing and retreat business. I run my business from different locations including my wellness studio in Somerset, the North Devon coast where I have a client base, and Portugal when I am there. I work in-person and remotely with clients and facilitate wellbeing retreats in these different locations. 




Growing up I got to experience different cultures as my family liked to travel, so this gave me an understanding from a young age that there were many diverse ways of living, relating and doing things. My mother was a nurse, so I had an insight into and respect for the medical profession. Although I knew that western medicine was needed in some instances, I was also aware that there were alternative ways of looking after our health and this was what I was fascinated by and drawn to.  

As a family we were well routed in our home in a lovely village in the Bristol area, but my parents believed in being open minded, not to limit ourselves, and encouraged me and my two other sisters to travel, grow, and value life and genuine connection. We spent a lot of time outside in the countryside when I was growing up, and also at the coast in Devon, which developed my love for being in nature and near the ocean. 

When I finished my A Levels I decided to travel with a friend where we ended up living in a camper van and traveling around Australia. This was a great experience, and I learnt a lot about myself and what I wanted from life. I remember then feeling a sense of freedom that I didn’t want to let go of. 



I guess as I was able to experience so much growing up it then felt very natural to continue exploring the world. I’ve always felt very comfortable in new places and meeting new people. 

Working in the wellbeing industry there are lots of opportunities to travel, work seasonally and in different countries. Although it doesn’t come to you on a plate, you have to put time and effort into a place to meet people, make connections, and feel the rhythm of how that place works. This however is something I have always loved doing and has led me to opportunities in some incredible places such as Brazil, Israel, and Sri Lanka. 

This year though I have slowed down a lot which I am really enjoying, and as well as being in Portugal for retreats I will be mostly based in south-west England where I can focus on my work and clients there. 



I would say go for massage as much as your body needs. If you are working through something such as tight muscles, stress, injury, recovery... I would say once per week and for maintenance once per month. We only ever have one body and so it should be a priority that you take good care of it. I love using the Amphora Aromatics Massage Oils and have done so for many years. The pure essential oils carry a genuine therapeutic benefit that can be felt, and the texture allows for different techniques and mobilisations; so reliable as a go to massage oil range. My ultimate favourite is the Relaxing oil with lavender, and I also often use the Muscle & Joint oil which has warming black pepper, and eucalyptus to help clear the airways. 




People generally come to me when they feel that there is something out of balance, they have tried solutions from western medicine or other areas but feel they are getting nowhere, or they want advice and support on how to feel better and healthier. For example, physical problems, pains, injuries, unexplained physical symptoms, or psychological and emotional issues such as stress, overwhelm, burnout, anxiety, minor depression. (It is good to bear in mind that the physical and the mental issues are linked, and this is something that is always considered in my sessions! – It’s extremely important to look at the whole person when considering health, and not just one aspect).

I have many clients that want to just be immersed in a wellbeing or transformative experience, so will book onto one of my retreats or join my membership programme. Also clients who are feeling ‘stuck’ or at a dead end in a certain area of their life so will enrol on my mentorship programme or also join the membership.

I also work with pregnant and postnatal women supporting them through the different stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with a variety of methods such as massage, bodywork, yoga & movement, and talking therapies.

A lot of my ongoing clients are from Bristol and the Somerset area where I spend some of the year, as well as people that are based in Portugal and elsewhere. Most of my clients I have worked with for many years which is lovely as we build a solid and trusting relationship together. 



There are different ways in which I work with clients as everyone and every need is individual and so this is always taken into consideration. However, the goal and the process is always the same and this is to feel better, healthier, happier and in control of their own health and wellbeing.

When someone starts working with me we begin with a thorough consultation so I have an idea of their lifestyle and what has led them to where they are, what they are looking for, what I can offer to support them and how we can work together. A treatment plan will then be devised which will consist of either individual sessions, a course of sessions, or sessions that continue throughout the year.

I offer a wellbeing membership programme and a mentorship programme for clients to enrol on who are looking for a deeper level of support and guidance and want to work with me over a longer period, as this is when the results really start to happen. When it comes to our health and wellbeing consistency and commitment are what leads to change.

Just some things that will be covered in the membership programme include: how to connect to our bodies and our intuition; myofascial release and how to self-soothe; managing stress & anxiety; how to rest and create better sleep patterns; how to reset the nervous system and properly relax; how to reprogramme the unconscious mind and let go of old and limiting patterns, behaviours and beliefs; nutrition, diet and herbs; how to take your health and healing into your own hands and live a healthier life, naturally. – It really is a one-stop-shop for health and healing!

I also run in-person wellbeing retreats, and I have a Facebook community group where I often offer free classes and workshops, information, advice, tools, and techniques.

In all of the work that I do I aim to provide the information, tools, techniques, guidance and support to empower people to improve their own wellbeing and live a more fulfilling life. To take their health into their own hands, and to live more healthily all through natural methods.

I provide the space where people can take time out, connect back to themselves, and feel more whole. I truly believe that complete wellbeing and a happy life starts with you!

If you would like to work with me please reach out via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or on my Instagram: lauren_garner__





Aww thankyou! For me, my health is a top priority and I put effort in to feeling good on a daily basis. I eat well including lots of natural fresh food and organic when I can. I make sure I get enough sleep and rest. I try to eradicate stress from my life where possible, and as well as working I spend time doing the things I love and that bring me joy. 

I think knowing and listening to your own body is hugely important! Everyone is different and knowing what is good for you is the key. The deeper I get to know myself and what’s good for me, the healthier I feel.  

My advice is always to do what feels good for you and your own body! When you know how to tune into yourself, you know what this is. Like if you fancy a couple of glasses of wine one evening then go for it if it feels good. Or if you’re feeling really tired then take some rest instead of powering through. Your body will always tell you what you need or don’t need. Do what you ‘feel’ you should do, not what you ‘think’ you should do.

It's also important not to worry and stress about what you are or aren’t doing. If it makes you feel good then go with that! Life is for living and enjoying, and if we’re able to keep a good balance and stay truly healthy and happy then there’s no problem. Being stressed about something is actually one of the worst things for you. Where can you take the pressure off and be a bit kinder to yourself? 

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of being outside and connected to nature for our health and wellbeing. 

Also staying physically engaged in the world around us and being present in the everyday. I know it’s harder now adays with so much stuff online, and don’t get me wrong I think there is tremendous value and benefit in being online (a lot of my work is done remotely), but also being rooted in the real world and simply living and being is where it’s at! 

Again, it’s about finding a healthy balance!





Ahh I absolutely love this range! I really can’t get enough of it! 

I think the thing that first drew me to it was that it’s nearly 100% organic and natural ingredients as this is something that’s really important to me when it comes to products. It’s useful to know what you’re putting onto your skin and into your body, and to avoid harmful and unnecessary chemicals where possible! By using this range I know that I’m only putting goodness in. 

The smell is insanely yummy, and I always feel so good during and after using them… it feels like such a treat! But something you can do everyday!

The quality of the products (as with all Amphora Aromatics) is really high, and the packaging makes them feel luxurious.

I also love to support independent local brands, and as it’s all produced just around the corner from where I grew up it’s a delight to use them. 




I hold a number of retreats each year, mainly now in Portugal, but also some retreats in the UK, for instance the Reset Retreat I held earlier in the year in the beautiful village of Pensford near Bristol. 

Each retreat tends to have a different theme but they all incorporate the magic of nature and honour the seasons throughout the year. We focus on connecting to our physical self, our emotional self and our spiritual self (whatever that is for us), in a safe welcoming environment. We do this through a variety of different things which can include embodied movement and yoga, somatics, meditation, breathwork, self-soothe aromatherapy sessions, and connecting to the area we are in by spending time outside exploring. Depending on the particular retreat it may also include different workshops on nutrition, luxury treatments, surf sessions, rewilding activities, or other things such as kayaking or paddleboarding. 

For me the venue is important so this is always chosen to suit the retreat and make it really special. Nutrition is taken seriously so we have an in-house chef serving delicious, healthy, locally sourced food. 

All retreats are open to people of all levels and backgrounds, and no previous experience in yoga, meditation or anything else is needed. Just come as you are!

The retreats are a wonderful opportunity to take a break and be immersed in something different which will greatly be supporting your wellbeing. It’s also a lovely way to meet other like minded people, and learn tools and practices that will become part of your daily life at home.



I have two Retreats coming up in my Portugal Retreat Series… Just a few places left for the October Retreat, and I am now open for bookings for the April 2024 Retreat.  

JOY OF BEING – 5th to 10th October 2023 – Cascais, near Lisbon

-       For lovers of the ocean, nature and space, we will gather together and remember the wonder we feel in simply ‘being’ and enjoying life.

-       As well as all the Yoga and Wellbeing sessions there will be an opportunity to book surf lessons with our experienced coach. 

-       5 days & nights in private luxury accommodation with a pool, beautiful views and delicious meals prepared by our in-house chef. The days will be filled with yoga, movement, meditation, breathwork, luxury treatments and free time to rest, relax, head to the beach or explore the local area. 


BACK TO THE ROOTS – 18th – 23rd April 2024 – Tabua, near Porto

-       This will be a retreat connecting us back to mother nature and the essence of who we are as we welcome in the new season of Spring and Summer. 

-       Think super grounding practices, rewilding activities, and nourishing seasonal food in an incredible venue in the middle of nature, but with all the luxury.

-       This is for you if you want to completely step out of your daily life into the most enchanting retreat sanctuary in the hills of Portugal.

-       Complete escapism in a luxury off-grid retreat.


If you are interested in any of my upcoming Retreats feel free to email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send me a message on my Instagram: lauren_garner__




Doing what fulfils you, living how you choose to, and valuing the important things in life! If there’s something in your life that you’re not content with what can you do to change it? – This is an area I work through with my clients in our sessions.

Just to add to that… this doesn’t mean striving to be happy all of the time, as this simply isn’t possible and also not healthy. We all face hard times, grief and sorrow, as this is all part of our process and being human - accepting this allows us to find our way into grace. It is all part of being alive and all part of the same thing. On the other side of grief and sorrow is only love and joy.

By doing what fulfils us we can soften into and enjoy life. Therefore, becoming more accepting of these hard times when they arise, and lessening our resistance. 

I think deep down I have always wanted a simple, easy life, and this is what I have now created for myself. I live a very fulfilling life where I can concentrate on my work and the things I love. I put my energy into what I value such as my family and friends, connection to others and the world around me, being in nature, looking after all aspects of my health and wellbeing, and learning, teaching, and supporting others through my work.

Where I am now though hasn’t always been the case, I spent a big part of my teenage years and 20’s being very busy and partying a lot! Although I always thought I was looking after myself, this wasn’t true, and actually taking care of all aspects of my health is something I have had to learn over the years through my experiences, studies and practices. A big part of this has also been just slowing down, figuring out what I truly want and enjoying the smaller things… and now I can’t get enough of the simple life, hehe. 

We are all human and forever learning, unlearning, growing and expanding. 

A philosophy of mine would be to connect to yourself, find out what fulfils you, and do that! Be grateful for what you have, look after your health, be present, and enjoy living! 



  1. 1.     Firstly accept who you are and learn to love yourself (if you don’t already)

    2.     Slow down and breath

    3.     Embodiment Practices – getting into your body, and therefore the body of the world around you – this will feel different for each person but its basically your own    
           balance and being comfortable in your own person

    4.     Spending time in nature to foster a connection to the natural world and its cycles, and Grounding practices – planting your bare skin, usually your feet on the ground
            to tap into the electrical charge of the earths surface (after all, we are part of nature and what is happening outside of us is also happening within us) 

    5.     Tune into how you feel, your inner knowing and your intuition, and let this guide you rather than your mind


    These are all things that we work through in my sessions in much more detail 





How I approach holistic health is to consider all aspects of the individual and their situation, not just one area. The aspects I consider are the physical health, the psychological health, the emotional health, and the spiritual & energetic health. We work together to get these areas in balance. My approach is rooted in the fact that no one knows your body better than you do!

I have educated myself on this thoroughly over the years through deciding to take my health and healing into my own hands…

When I was much younger I had episodes where I was prescribed antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs. Although they did help the situation to some extent, my issues and symptoms kept on coming back, and in some instances I was actually left feeling worse. I became aware of the limitations in western medicine and knew this couldn’t be the only answer! I also experienced a period in my life where I was prescribed antidepressants, which again helped the situation to some extent but could only go so far, and I was left with unanswered questions and a yearning for a deeper understanding.

Therefore, from quite a young age I decided to take my health and healing into my own hands and really focus on my wellbeing. I did huge amounts of research and study and took various holistic and alternative health courses. I realised I could heal myself from the inside through changing my lifestyle and outlook on life, through nutrition, alternative treatments, therapy, connecting to my body, and embodiment and somatic practices. 

This is not to say that I dismiss western medicine completely! I think it can be useful and has an important part to play in certain areas regarding health in our society. My wonderful older sister has a health condition which requires support from western medicine, without which she might not be alive today. So myself (and all of those around her) are incredibly and forever grateful for this support that she receives! 

What I am saying is that western medicine is limiting, it treats the ‘symptoms’ and doesn’t look at the root cause of the problem, it takes a restrictive approach, and it really isn’t the only answer. 

Further to this, after being well for many many years and not ever having any immune problems before, I’ve recently been diagnosed with some immune issues, which started around 2 years ago after having covid and the covid vaccine. I now often have episodes of feeling quite physically unwell and not having any energy. As there aren’t any healthy answers for this in the medical field (the only thing the doctors could do was continuously prescribe me antibiotics), I have gone back to what I have learnt previously, and I am currently healing myself from the inside and through my method of looking at the four aspects of health. I don’t have any doubt that I can heal myself. For this I’ve really had to slow down, even more, listen to my body, and take time to rest rather than power through. Practicing what I preach! 

-       A result of this being this blog was slightly delayed in getting published, as Victoria knows ;) 

-       If you are experiencing symptoms of long-covid or vaccination injury then please reach out as this is something that needs to be spoken about more, and there are holistic approaches that can help

-       Everyone should feel in control of their own health. I am very much pro-health, pro-choice and pro-autonomy! 

Holistic health is to consider the whole picture and entirety of a person. It’s also about taking control of your own wellbeing and healing from the inside, rather than relying on something externally to make you feel better. Taking a holistic approach is much more balanced and, in my opinion, healthier as it looks at the body and all other aspects of the individual in their entirety to get to the root cause of the problem and restore balance. Rather than just focusing on an isolated part, or just simply treating the ‘symptoms’. 

The way I teach and provide support is to encourage people to also take their wellbeing into their own hands. This has been such a powerful and life changing tool for me and I want others to be able to do the same!

I work to empower people to be in control of their own health and happiness. Rather than me telling them what to do, they are simply provided with the tools and space to access the wisdom inside of them which will improve their wellbeing and lead to a more fulfilling life. At the end of the day no one knows your body and mind better than you do. You just need to tune in, connect and listen! 

We might do this through movement therapy and yoga, meditation, breathwork, working with the nervous system, working with the unconscious mind, intuition practices, talking therapy and behaviour change practices.




Aromatherapy is something I used on myself and in my work for many years. I believe that the senses have a huge impact on our wellbeing and healing. I once read a beautiful quote which stated that “An impression on the senses is an impression on the psyche, their passage inextricably linked… In the senses, you will journey. You will wander. And you will return.” 

I have used Aromatherapy on myself and on my clients for many different things including to help shift mood, for sleep and relaxation, for igniting and energising, to clear the mind and help focus, to ease achy muscles, soothe skin, ease headaches or nausea, or for period pains and PMS.

I usually always use Aromatherapy in my massage and bodywork sessions to soften the muscles and release tension, and it also works on a more subconscious level by encouraging relaxation and calming the nervous system.

I use Aromatherapy as a tool to self-soothe which I always teach in my retreats and courses, and incorporate it into my daily self-care practices. 



I have been using Amphora Aromatics Essential Oils from the very beginning of my career. They were the first brand I started using when I qualified in holistic health, massage & bodywork in my late teens, and I still use them today! They are without a doubt my go-to oils!

It really depends on the day and my mood, but some of my favourites are…

Ho Wood as I love the earthy quality and find it so grounding. Frankincense as it has such a delicious scent and really ignites me. I love to use Marjoram and Black Pepper on my clients with tight muscles. An old favourite is Rose Geranium for its sweet, floral and comforting smell. I find Vetiver extremely emotionally balancing. And of course the classic Lavender which never fails with its many benefits and relaxing properties.  

I always carry an essential oil with me in my bag when I’m out and about for when I need an energy boost or to shift my mood! 


If you would like to work with Lauren, be added to her mailing list, or join her free community group on Facebook you can reach her by….


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Instagram: lauren_garner__ 


Facebook page: Lauren Garner Intuitive Wellbeing  


New website: Coming soon! 




Senses quote taken from ‘The Senses, A portal’ by Innermade


Photography: a mix of Laurens own photos and work by Barbora Mrazkova, and Cezary Szproch  



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The love of Aromatherapy as a hobby is often shared between family members and typically from mother to daughter, think about your first memory of aromatherapy? Was it Lavender Essential Oil, or an aromatic hand cream? Who were you with and what were you talking about?

Aromatherapy as a beauty and wellbeing treatment started to take off, back in the 1980s around the time when Amphora Aromatics was established. The business may have started selling around 10 or so popular essential oils, and now due to more availability, and trade route connections, we sell almost 100 different Essential Oils. Many of our older customers have been enjoying and making aromatherapy products for decades.. we are delighted to have the next generation of their children, and even grandchildren loving Amphora Aromatics too. 

I caught up with Charlie Coleman an Aromatherapist and aka Holistic Mummy, who's life has been shaped by this idea of Multi-Generational Aromatherapy. 


Do check out her website and social media here: 


I remember my mum Julie, had a career change from business and accounting to alternative therapy. She studied reflexology first, and then aromatherapy. When I was about 12 I suffered from repeated ear infections.. and my mum would make up oils for me, and massaged my jaw and neck so that I felt soothed, and ready for bed. My period started quite early, and when they really kicked in as a teenager she created oil blends for me to put on my tummy with a hot water bottle.. it was such a comfort. I've drawn on that experience to offer my clients similar comfort and relief during their cycles too.



I felt drawn to aromatherapy from an early age, partly because of my mother working as a holistic practitioner, it just felt very natural to me. So at the age of 16 I studied Beauty and Complementary Therapy at Bath College.. The massage techniques for body and facial treatments, gave me a fantastic grounding for my practice. To me beauty and wellbeing wasn't something superficial, it can be very uplifting to get your hair and nails done of course, but my calling was on a deeper level, and more health orientated. These days I snap up any opportunity to build on my knowledge especially in feminine health, which is something that i'm passionate about. 

I love working with Amphora Aromatics as my supplier of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and Base Products.. it feels great as they are based locally, and such good quality. I recommend them to everyone. I'm also a fan of Amphora Aromatics Massage Oils which I use in treatments and for myself, as well as their new Organic and Natural range.. the Face Elixir is a particular favourite. 




I have certainly been influenced by my mother... she was a woman inspired. It was when she was at a lovely group therapy session, for spiritual and personal growth, that she found inspiration to become a therapist, along with a palpable feeling of fizzing energy in her body. She got an image of the hand foot connection, the fundamental importance of it, and felt strongly that her life was going to change, so that she could help others more. So whilst doing her accounting job during the day, she did an evening course in Reflexology.. she then went on to get qualifications in Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage.. whatever she was interested in, she never stopped learning and had a thriving business with clients as an alternative practitioner. 

Sadly my mother now suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, which as many people can understand effects memory and a persons independence. She can no longer practice her treatments.. it’s heart breaking for the family to see the change in her… but interestingly my three daughters are all interested in aromatherapy, especially my youngest.. which feels like a natural continuation.

I had a memory recently of these Clay Diffusers for Essential Oils, that my mother loved to have around the house.. and so decided to make my own. I love crafting things as an artisan.. and these have actually been a best seller on Etsy. 





I have 3 daughters... and my youngest Matilda who is 3 has been around me a lot whilst I develop my product line... so she in particular seems to understand the medicinal benefits of aromatherapy. She'll pick up a roller ball ointment and go to administer on people when we have friends round. When I sense that my daughters are getting wound up or reactive, I’ll bring them into my log cabin in the garden, and we make up Bath Salts together. Each of them wants their own bespoke blend.. then bath time and bed is transformed into something more focused and calming. 

When they were babies I would blend a soothing oil which they loved to massage on their dolls first.. then when they were relaxed from the smells it was time for our bedtime routine. 



I’ve done a lot of inner work on the last couple of years, which helped me to grow in confidence. I went through a surprise pregnancy in 2017.. that then ended in miscarriage and this emotional roller-coaster forced me to look at issues that I had. My husband and I had booked a family holiday around a year in advance that happened to be a week after my surgery, and although I’d just gone through that sad time, being in a warm climate at the hotel and with the music playing in the evening was so healing for me. In the evening sitting on the balcony my husband and I were able to talk seriously about me launching my own beauty brand, we were questioning the whole thing, and it felt like the right time to persevere and create therapeutic products.

My brand is called The Holistic Mummy, I wanted to use my background and expertise in aromatherapy to help Mothers not just in my local, area… but reach further across the UK. As a mother of three children I’ve been through so much, and these experiences help my clients to open up to me.. the phone calls and messages I get make me so teary eyed. Some amazing and truly heart warming stories I’ve heard… it’s great to receive positive feedback.

My mission is to be a gentle support to women and mums, I created my brand ‘The Holistic Mummy’ in 2017 to be approachable, and able to reach more people through the changes of pregnancy, birth, and child rearing. 



I work from a log cabin in my garden.. this is my treatment room, and product making workshop. Since the pandemic my business really grew online with consultations on Zoom, where I can help more people, empathise and provide solutions. When it comes to essential oils I’m very much led by intuition, or if there are a few that I’m drawn to, then I will look at a reference guide to see which ailments they relate to. The Fragrance Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Wormwood, has charts I refer to on what plants help with what. 

Around 70% of patients come to me for anxiety.. they could be not sleeping properly.. or stressed. But as we speak we uncover that this may not solely be the stress of being a mum or a wife, but there could be underlying issues that need treatment. I look at a persons whole lifestyle including diet, wheat or diary can be hormone disruptors and some of the worst things for women to be consuming… so my treatments can be an ongoing relationship.. but most importantly empower other mothers with the tools and understanding to make changes.  


On a consultation if there is a blend that I can create there and then for a client then I will, otherwise, I’ll make up the product afterwards and send it to them. Oil blends in a Roller Ball tube are very popular, as people often want something to reach for, and apply in the moment, maybe in the car, or in their handbag. It’s so easy to dispense the oil onto the pulse points when you’re on the go. 

For clients with endometriosis for example… I’ll send them Castor Oil packs in the post. There are different methods to soothe and support the bodies own natural rhythm and healing process. Many women suffering with pelvic conditions aren’t offered enough information on alternative treatments to naturally support them. Castor oil has been used for generations to bring relief in this area, because of its amazing ability to penetrate the cells deeper. It can soften tense muscle fibres, tone uterine tissue and offer some natural pain relief. Combined with certain essential oils and a warm compress, it can bring some quick comfort.

Bespoke aromatherapy Pillow Mists, Bath Oils, Bath salts, Creams and Balms I create a lot of. Depending on lifestyle and the desired effect, people have different preferences for format and texture. The most popular treatments with my clients are massage and aromatherapy facials. I love using high frequency electrical therapy with these treatments too for even more fantastic skin benefits and protection.


The Aroma Tree by Salvatore Battaglia is a book I recommend to people who are particularly interested, it likens aromatherapy to a tree. Essential Oils derived from roots, like Ginger can be good for strengthening and grounding, leaves such as Eucalyptus are for the respiratory system, bark like Cinnamon for digestion. Essential oils from flowers such as Lavender or Geranium are uplifting, and clarifying.. you use them when you want to be more visible in life and socialise more. Anyone can relate to a tree, it’s a great visual reminder.     



Sweet Almond Oil is an absolute go to oil for anyone who doesn’t have nut allergies, it’s great for massage, and I’ve always stuck with it, that is what my Mum liked to use. It’s also fun experimenting with different oils; for face I like Chia Seed, or Pomegranate, or Moringa Oil… there are so many choices. If I’m doing a facial I have to look at their skin, and ask about their skin type to mix a Face Oil that suits their skincare regime. 


Neroli was one of my mum’s absolute favourites.. and my daughter Matilda loves it too, it’s so supportive. Bergamot is calming and lifting, it’s the kind of oil that gives you everything. Patchouli is the sexiest oil that I’ve ever smelt..


The smell connects directly to the limbic system of the brain, this area is core to survival as well as being involved in behavioural and emotional responses. Therefore a smell can trigger memory, or a feeling of a memory because that association is there in the brain. This could be something sensual, or relaxing, or even negative.. but it’s a trigger that provides immediate effect. By harnessing the ability to create this connection when we need it, we’re able to support ourselves in a natural way.


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Pregnancy Beauty


January has been a time of contemplation, dreaming up new projects and breathing life into the business. Along with this we've been considering our customers, and how we can best serve them at every stage of life.   

For a while now, we have seen that pregnant women love our simple formulas with few ingredients. Indeed, if unsure about potential toxins in an average daily beauty routine.. why not swap your regular stash for a more minimalistic approach. It's true that pregnancy is a thought provoking time, when questions may arise about what you are putting into your body. It's an arresting thought, and simply easier to feel relaxed using products that have a short and sensible ingredient list. Indeed many of Amphora Aromatics products, such as carrier oils have a single ingredient.. good for you and baby too, happy days. 

It was wonderful to speak with Nadia Achha a nutritionist who is blissfully with child, to enlighten us on her perspective on 'pregnancy beauty'. 

A behavioural nutritionist within disordered eating, Nadia has a degree in Nutrition from the College of Nutritional Medicine, and provides health assessments at a local surgery; as well as coaching, therapy, and education at Counterpoise Wellness. 

AKA instagrams @bristol_nutritional_health, check out Nadia's informative and candid social media, that empowers the individual. Her star quality shines through, which makes sense having completed a bachelor degree in Drama from Queen Mary University London, with facilitator training in applied drama. In other words she understands that performing is part of the day-to-day, and can support individuals with the tools to get more out of life and become healthier. 


I’m always drawn towards natural, gentle products so this hasn’t changed. However, products that support my skin through stretching (to prevent itching etc!) have been more of a priority. I love sweet almond oil, coconut, pure Shea etc!

Yes I am very mindful about the ingredients I use firstly and always check they’re safe in pregnancy. My skin has also been more sensitive so this has dictated what ingredients I choose, too. I have been lucky to not have much of a difference in my skin (oily/dry) through pregnancy but for some women this does happen.

I've applied products (mainly oils) to my body skin that I would usually limit to my hands or feet!


Similar I would say, though pregnancy has brought on lots of conflicting emotions around my changing body; having a good self-care regime has been a really positive way to keep connecting healthily to my changing body. 

I like to ensure I have enough relaxation time and breaks during the day - this has been essential. I eat well but also let myself enjoy a more indulgent snack or two daily with a cup of tea or decaf coffee, which I personally love and feels like an important part of my self-care! Journalling my pregnancy has also been a wonderful way to honour my body and experience. 



On the whole pregnancy has been an enabler to feeling more beautiful inside and outside just through pure appreciation. Self-care routines for my skin are a way of me honouring this. In regards to beauty products, I still remain quite minimal and don’t wear much makeup (usually on weekends). 

On the days I feel less ‘glowing’ and encounter more challenges with my self image (increasing body weight in areas besides my bump for example would have been an extremely big trigger for me a while ago and pregnancy has almost allowed these feelings to resurface - but very minimally and non invasively because I manage my thoughts well).

However in these moments, instead of putting more makeup on or buying products that I feel will make me feel better beauty-wise, I take a moment to reflect on why I feel that way, how interesting it is I can still feel that way after all this time

(Whilst knowing this is completely normal!) and remind myself of all the things I am, rather than focussing on my perceived perception of what I am not. So, for me personally, beauty during pregnancy comes from appreciation for your body, what it’s doing and is capable of, and prioritising self-care whether that’s building a skincare regime, a daily routine, daily movement, journaling, reflecting, self-talk, maintaining balanced nutrition etc etc. all of these things help re-establish and maintain a healthy perspective and allow me to feel truly wonderful inside and out.




I haven't actually had a natural glow - but a good skincare regime has definitely made me look much more glowing than I feel some days!!!



When I feel my skin is good and well looked after with my routine this automatically makes me feel good inside - my skin can become inflamed/red/ a little oily on my face and the Chamomile Cream I've been using has really made an impact on this.




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Christmas Gift Guide


Wrapping gifts is such a joy, and Christmas wouldn't be complete without some aromatherapy gifts. Make Christmas morning extra special for your loved ones by selecting from our Amphora Aromatics Gift Guide. These gifts will be sure to delight any loved one, neighbour or friend; discover new skincare, hair and bodycare, Organic for Men, incense, candles, essential oils and more. Why not pick and mix your own product selection from our webshop to use as stocking fillers, or make up your own Christmas hamper by combining with edible treats.    

Set the scene for your gift wrapping extravaganza with some Christmasy music and by lighting a Festive Aromatherapy Kit to infuse the air with aromas of Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove : ) as recommended by Dr. Seeta 

"Get that perfect Christmas feeling with an Amphora Aromatics pure essential oil aromatherapy kit! It smells divine and creates a relaxing ambience by diffusing aromatherapy oils. These oils are all natural and will help to keep you feeling nice and relaxed and warm!" @doctorseeta  


Christmas day is soon upon us.. and since we are all in festive decor mode and gift wrapping, why not experiment by creating some DIY Aromatherapy gifts. It's cost saving, and super savvy too. The 'Homemade' touch is always the most memorable and super sentimental too... thinking homemade Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas cards, cookies... and DIY aromatherapy beauty potions. 

Stasia Buckle is a fabulous and fanciful interior designer who loves to create her own beauty products from her inspirational home in Bristol. AKA Instagram's @interior_vampire , Stasia says.. "I’ve been messing about with oils for years and trying to come up with the perfect winter formula so I can bring some life back into my ghostly face. I also love how just mixing a few different oils can really make the difference! What do you use in the winter?” 



Watch the 'How To" video by clicking on the picture.

"I always think it’s extra special giving a gift that’s unique or you’ve taken time to create, I also love playing with fragrances and oils and creating something personal to your friends dependant on their needs and skin type! I tend to use oils that are hydrating, anti-ageing (I’m 40 next year) good for PMS so balancing and smell delicious like Rose Otto, Lavander, mixing these with a more woody smells like Ho Wood & Pine has been great for my male friends who prefer something a bit more earthy." Stacia Buckle 

The process of creating the concoctions is therapeutic, whether it's for yourself or with friends and family in mind
. "I like being a bit Witchy, putting my candles on and relaxing whilst mixing potions, I find it very therapeutic mixing and trying different ingredients whilst letting all the aromas fill the room! For this time of year I have been wanting a more festive oil to burn so I used the Amphora Aromatics Festive Blend in my ceramic burner, and it is MAGICAL!!!"

Here is Stasia's Winter Skin Protecting Facial Serum:

Jojoba Oil, for collagen synthesis and antioxidants
Marula Oil, to hydrate and nourish dry skin
Rose Geranium to tighten, brighten and remove dead skin cells

Then mix! 


Creativity is in the packaging as well as the formula itself...  green glass bottles and pink velvet bows... ahh a dreamy combination. 



To create your own aromatic shower gel simply mix: 

Amphora Aromatics Shower Gel Base
Carrier Oil of your choice
A few drops of your favourite essential oils.

We'd love to hear about your own homemade creations.. why not send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook with your demonstration or recommendations. 

Discover more about our Gift suggestions by clicking on each door below, of the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS






 1.  Festive Aromatherapy Kit

 2.  Organic & Natural Cleanse & Nourish Skincare Duo

 3.  Incense Sticks; Frankincense & Myrrh, Cinnamon, Orange & Clove

 4.  Good Hands Gift Set

 5.  Tis the Season Gift Box with Frankincense & Rose Serum.

 6.  Festive Candles; Gold Frankincense & Myrrh, Nutmeg, Angel Oil, Mulled Pear & Spices, Marzipan & Candied Peel.   

 7.  Organic for Men, Smooth Shave Skincare Duo 

 8.  I Love Lavender Gift Box

 9.  Bathtime Bliss Gift Box

10. Pure Pleasure Aromatherapy Kit made up of 6 Essential Oils. 

11. Organic & Natural Bio-Soothe Complete Care Gift Box

12. Ultimate Amphora Gift Box  

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Autumn Aromatherapy



Autumn Aromatherapy with Marie Reynolds 


Autumn the season of mellow fruitfulness; feast your eyes on the bountiful harvest of organic fruits and vegetables, and the tree canopy aglow with warm hues. Along with log fires, cosy knit jumpers. and toasted marshmallows; essential oils can help create an autumnal mood, plus offer an amazing boost for our heath. 


We spoke with Marie Reynolds a complimentary health practitioner and celebrity facialist about her uses of aromatherapy around this time of year.

"For essential oils we need to look at the wood element, supporting the liver and gall bladder. The emotion around that can be a bit of depression but it can also be anger, frustration, or the sense of being stuck. It can also encourage coldness in the body, and this is the flu season so we need to look at essential oils, that are really good for immunity...

So Rosemary, Peppermint, Grapefruit, and also Frankincense is a good grounding oil. Frankincense is also good for what's known in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as the Shen Mind, so it can calm the mind"  Marie Reynolds 

The intense aroma of pure essential oils have medicinal and wellbeing benefits that are carried directly into the system through inhalation or when diluted for massage. 

"The olfactory senses connect very early in brain wiring to emotional centres, so the distance from when a scent hits the nose to when it hits an emotion is very short" Leslie Vosshall Ph.D, a molecular neurobiologist at the Rockefeller University. 


 During Autumn, help to guard against coughs and colds with aromatherapy, as well as off set some of the gloom due to longer nights and colder mornings. 

A global skin expert with an internal and external perspective and using the latest technologies; Marie's treatments are a favourite with beauty editors and celebrities. She is so down-to-earth and passionate about sharing her knowledge to empower others. Have a scroll on her instagram page, which shares the magic, joys and breakthroughs that happen at her Norfolk Clinic; from state-of-the-art facial devices, to acupuncture in action, and stress management tips. 



"Roman Chamomile which is soothing and calming, and we need to think about the immune system with lots of viruses going around, so really falling back on Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is the one stop shop for me at this time of year." Marie Reynolds    

Prevention is better then cure, and essential oils can surely become part of your self-care kit. Dip into Marie's blog for a deep understanding of personal wellness and maybe learn how to read your own body, chapter by chapter.  


Create a cosy and warming ambience full of the magic of natures own firework display. Imagine the perfect fragrance like a symphony to go alongside a bright woodland canopy; and falling leaves transformed into fiery reds, bronze, coppers, and gold. Where will your next autumnal walk or adventure be? 



Turn on your electronic diffuser, as the plume of aromatic mist rises, close your eyes, inhale deeply, and imagine being on a weekend escape in the countryside with a favourite companion. Staying in a manor house hotel or an enchanting shepherds hut, nestled in a woodland glade. The day-dream is complete with a wood burning stove, and a tempting hot tub alongside. Why not try this aromatherapy diffuser blend and observing these ratios of Orange, Ginger, and Frankincense essential oils, fall into a contented bliss.

Diffusers promote an aromatherapeutic ambiance in the home, and due to them being the perfect compliment to lifestyle interiors the global demand is expected to witness growth at a rate of 9% annually for the next few years, as found by Grand View Research. Reed diffusers and scented Candles are other ways to enjoy aromatherapy and are so pretty whilst chilling out at home. What's your favourite atmospheric autumn blend?


After the long carefree days of summer your skin needs renewal, and nourishment. Why not nurture your skin with an at home facial treatment using the new Organic and Natural Skincare range. Fragrant Mandarin & Patchouli uplift your senses as you boost blood circulation and radiance with the Facial Exfoliator. More is more, so follow with the Face Elixir and Face Cream, and as you relax allow the clinically proven natural ingredients to transform your skin. 

Warm each formula between your fingers, breathing in the therapeutic and satisfying essential oil blend as you apply to your face in upwards circular motions. Trust in COSMOS Organic skincare, certified by the soil association, with carefully curated ingredients.  

See the products beautifully demonstrated by Rafaella Ponce on her instagram page, the lifestyle guru and bubbly personality is so encouraging, an inspiration to embrace yourself with self-love, make the best of every situation with gratitude, and look effortlessly glamourous. 

“I’m finally 8 weeks post partum and am now managing to feel my hormones getting back into ‘normal’ So I'm showing you guys a little bit of the new Mandarin & Patchouli range of skin care.

I am shocked with how smooth my skin got after trying for the first time! These natural ingredients give a natural muscle relaxant with anaesthetic properties, smooths out fine lines!

I also did a little bit of aromatherapy to relax and feel pampered! Let me know if you’ve ever used any products from Amphora Aromatics, and if you liked the results” Rafaellah Ponce

Do you feel like you need some extra TLC when the seasons transition? Let's embrace the wonder of Autumn together. As the golden leaves fall to the earth they make a special mould to enrich and fertilise the soil, it's nice to know that this warm blanket keeps the tree's toes cosy. Upon the rising sun be the first to tread the sparkling frost strewn across the earth like fallen stars.  



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Spring has Sprung