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Amphora Aromatics: An artist’s guide to the essential festival toiletry kit

Amphora Aromatics: an artist’s guide to the essential festival toiletry kit
By Georgie Ward – pianist, composer and high-maintenance festival goer
Fresh from the Glastonbury Festival, complete with heavy-head, overflowing inbox and out-of-sync body-clock,
Thursday, 23 March 2017 14:05

Take a Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Peppermint Harvest, India

Take a Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Peppermint Harvest, India

With its uplifting scent, potential to help improve mental performance and memory,

Wednesday, 02 November 2016 12:40

A Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Citrus Harvest, Southern Italy

Take a Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Citrus Harvest, Southern Italy

As we cosy up for the colder months, Amphora Aromatics’ Citrus essential oil producers in Southern Italy are getting ready for a busy harvest season. The beautiful bursts of colour amongst the well-manicured trees are ready to be picked

Thursday, 14 July 2016 14:10

3 Essential oils to help with Muscle Recovery

3 Essential oils to help with Muscle Recovery

July certainly seems to be a very sport centred month. Summer is in full swing, the Tour de France is underway and many of us are celebrating the success of the Wimbledon championships!

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 13:53

4 Essential Oils for Summer time

4 Essential Oils for Summer time

Summer has officially arrived.  June is a wonderful month for enjoying the longest days of the year and making the most of the beautiful sunshine.
We’ve picked some of our favourite oils to use during the warmer months.  Essential oils can prove really useful in the summer - from helping repel insects, soothing sunburn to helping energise you on those extra hot and muggy days.

(1) Peppermint

If you need cooling down this summer, Peppermint oil may offer the quick refresh you’re looking for. One of the most invigorating oils; its fresh and cooling scent can help clear the mind and refresh the senses. It is a powerful oil, so only use a small amount.

Try adding 10-15 drops in 100ml of distilled water for a cooling body spray (make sure you avoid the eyes)

(2) Lavender

A great addition to the first aid kit if you’re out on a day trip or off on holiday this year. Lavender is an all-rounder; useful for helping soothe all sorts of skin irritations, from insect bites to sunburn. It can also help you relax – useful for nervous flyers travelling abroad this summer.

Our Lavender roll on is a really handy way of getting the benefits of this wonderful oil. It is diluted in grapeseed oil, so ready to use on the skin.

(3) Geranium

Geranium can be found in natural mosquito repellents and is often used to help repel insects in the warmer months. It’s a lovely uplifting blend and its sweet and floral aroma is certainly one to be enjoyed during the summer months.

Try diffusing – 3 drops Lavender, 2 drops Geranium and 1 drop of Patchouli for a floral, summertime blend.

(4) Grapefruit

Bright and cheerful, this sweet citrus oil is a lovely aroma to enjoy during the summer. Grapefruit is also renowned for being an energising oil; this can be helpful on those seriously hot, muggy days which can make us feel tired and lethargic (or if you’ve just got back from a festival, it can help give you a pick me up). 

Try adding a few drops to the bottom of your shower and allow its uplifting and refreshing aroma to help wake you up in the morning. 



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Happy Aromatherapy Awareness Week

Happy Aromatherapy Awareness Week

6th – 12th June 2016

This week is Aromatherapy Awareness week (6 -12 June) - a chance to celebrate and promote awareness of the wonderful properties essential oils have to offer.  Our sense of smell is so intrinsically linked to our emotions, it is not surprising essential oils can affect our mood and help to promote emotional wellbeing in our lives.
Although the term ‘Aromatherapy’ was only coined around 100 years ago, since our species evolved we have utilised the natural benefits of plants and oils. Essential oils are simply the ‘essence’ of the plant, enabling us to extract and utilise its natural properties more easily.

As Amphora Aromatics has been sourcing and supplying essential oils for over twenty-five years (we’re now one of the UK’s largest suppliers), this is an exciting time to celebrate aromatherapy and share some of our knowledge of and passion for essential oils.

The world of aromatherapy is ever growing, with treatments increasingly available. Alternative therapies are in great demand in our fast paced, often challenging modern lifestyles, as many of us seek ways of managing and reducing stress.  Aromatherapy can offer a gentle, yet effective way to do this, through practicing mindfulness and relaxation.

How can essential oils help?

Essential oils can help us feel energized, relaxed, joyful - or even act as a natural aphrodisiac.
And it’s not just the psychological benefits essential oils have to offer. They can also help treat physical symptoms, such as muscle strains and aches as well as have amazing skincare and hair care benefits.

Essential oils incorporated into skincare can help to reduce acne and skin conditions such as psoriasis, as well as help to hydrate and rejuvenate mature skin types and dry skin.  Aromatherapy massage is also a popular alternative treatment to help reduce pain associated with arthritis and muscular aches.
And, essential oils can be incorporated to your household cleaning regime, help out in the garden and make a great addition to a first aid or travel kit.

We’d love you to join us this week to celebrate everything aromatherapy has to offer. Keep up to date with our social media pages and we’ll be running special giveaways and competitions, as well as running special offers on our website.

Happy Aromatherapy Awareness Week!


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Aromatherapy in the Garden!

Green Fingers and Gorgeous Smells!

There have been some beautiful spring days so far (touch wood!), and it’s been the perfect opportunity to get out and about in the garden! Gardening can offer us so much; it’s such a great feeling being able to grow and produce your own food, share it with friends and family, plus it’s a great form of exercise and the perfect excuse to spend time outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Did you know there are all sorts of ways that you can incorporate essential oils into your gardening routine to help support a healthy garden (and healthy gardener!)? The exciting thing about gardening is that there is always more to learn and all sorts of useful tips and techniques to share!

in this blog, we’ll be giving you some ideas on how to incorporate essential oils into your gardener’s world to offer various natural remedies to keep both yourself and your garden in tip top condition! 

(1) Natural Pest deterrent

It’s never fun finding that all your hard work, effort and tender loving care you put into your plants and vegetables ends up in the bellies of those greedy slugs!
If you want to find a non-toxic and humane way of deterring the pests, there are all sorts of natural alternatives to steer the hungry critters away from your beautiful plants!

There are many essential oils that are renowned for deterring insects. It is useful for bearing in mind however, that different aromas will effect various bugs in different ways. Just because lemon-grass and citronella repel mosquitos, it may not be the same for slugs, snails and cockroaches.

Here is a brief guide on which aromas deter some of the main culprits for munching on your vegetables!

• For Slugs: Hyssop: Cedarwood and Pine.
• For Snails: Cedarwood: Pine, Patchouli and Garlic.
• For Caterpillars: Peppermint or Spearmint.

You can use the same method of adding 6-8 drops of essential oil per gallon of water and pouring into the soil.

Alternatively, you can put drops of essential oil onto cotton wool and place them in small pots (perhaps old yoghurt pots) and create a barrier around your beloved vegetables. Strong smelling oils such as peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus will deter not only slugs and snails but help deter dogs and cats from er doing their business on your vegetable beds!


(2) Utilising symbiotic relationships between plants.

There are many plants which have fascinating symbiotic relationships; you can utilise this through growing certain plants next to each other to strengthen and encourage one another to grow ( for example, Basil grows well alongside a companion of tomatoes or peppers).

This companionship can work on various levels; taller plants for example offering shade to herbs and smaller vegetables that don’t require as much sunlight or beans and peas having the ability to fix nitrogen into the soil which in turn benefits other plants, making the soil more nutritious!

An alternative to planting companion vegetables together is to mimic their properties and chemical compounds through the use of pure essential oils!
This is really easy to do; simply fill up your watering can with warm water and add six (more or less as required) drops of essential oil to roughly two gallons of water (adjust ratios according to size and type of plant).

Here are a few ideas of how you can do this:

• For Carrots you can use Sage essential oil.
• For Broccoli, you can use Basil or Thyme essential oil.
• For Cucumbers, you can use Sage essential oil.

(3) Post gardening protection!


A flourishing vegetable garden and a perfectly kept lawn can come at a price. All that digging, weeding and lifting heavy sacks of compost – there’s no denying that gardening is an all over body workout! It’s a great form of enjoyable exercise, however it can sometimes be quite strenuous and leave your muscles feeling tired, sore and overworked.

Here at Amphora, we have a number of effective, ready to use remedies for muscle ease!

• We receive endless positive feedback from you lovely customers about our Muscle and Joint Gel. For those of you that haven’t tried it, it’s an all-round natural yet powerful treatment for achy joints and tired muscles. It contains a huge array of pure essential oils such as:

              Eucalyptus, Black Pepper, Rosemary and Camphor.

• For a truly indulgent experience or for extra sore joints, you can finish off with nice warm bath containing one of our pre-blended bath oils such as our Athletic bath oil which contains a warming and soothing blend of Pine, Thyme, Eucalyptus and Rosemary in a base of Sweet Almond Oil to help you revive and recover after all that hard work!

(4) Essential oils for tool maintenance!


Taking care of your garden tools can mean they have a longer life; avoiding rust and other forms of damage. Regular maintenance will keep your tools in good condition, meaning they will not become difficult to use (putting more of a strain on you!).

Using Lemon essential oil can work wonders on any stubborn stains on your tools.

Lemon essential oil is an excellent all round, incredibly effective and non-toxic household cleaner. It can be used for everything from cleaning your car windscreen, to cleaning the kitchen floor and maintaining your garden tools in good condition.

It is a powerful deodoriser and has the ability to get rid of tough stains and bring shine back to your garden tools!

When combined with baking soda, you can create a thick paste to cover rusty spots on your tools. Simply apply, wait a few minutes and then wipe away.
Similarly, you can create a soak for your tools after a gardening session. Fill up a bucket with warm water, add a cup of vinegar and 5-10 drops of lemon essential oil. Allow to soak for thirty minutes (be careful not to over soak – vinegar is very effective at eroding away rust but it can also erode your tools if left in for too long!


(5) Natural Herbicides

Conventional, chemical laden herbicides may be effective at killing off weeds, but they are also toxic to your surroundings and living things that may come into contact with them (including yourselves and family members!).

There are a number of natural alternatives that you can experiment with including utilizing the powers of essential oils to help tame the weeds surrounding your vegetables!

One incredibly simple and one hundred per cent natural recipe is to use a combination of coconut and vegetable oil.
What makes coconut oil an effective herbicide is that it contains a large amount of fatty acids which when applied to a plant, impair their ability to photosynthesise, thus debilitating them to eliminate waste through transpiration.

Cinnamon, Clove and Lemon oils are also great to use as a natural herbicide. They also blend nicely together! You can try mixing in a large watering can:

• 4 Litres of white vinegar (5% acidity) – Vinegar will dry out the weeds, eventually killing them off.
• 10 Drops Cinnamon
• 10 Drops Clove

Ensure you cover the neighbouring plants you don’t want to kill off with a piece of fabric before pouring your natural herbicide onto the weeds.
Spray the mixture directly onto the leaves of the plant (try to avoid the soil!).
Check the weeds in a few days’ time and see the results!

Thank you for reading and we hope you've been inspired to get out into the garden.

Keep up to date with more tips and advice, competitions and more from Amphora by following us on facebook & Twitter :).


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Amphora Aromatics’ top spring beauty and skincare tips

 We made it – spring is officially here!!  What better way to celebrate this beautiful time of year than with a good pampering session.  Spring is the perfect time to take a close look at your skincare routine and get your skin radiant and set for summer.

Here are our top tips for how to make the most of natural ingredients for beautiful spring time skin.

(1) Exfoliate with Epsom Salts

Spring is a great time to exfoliate the skin, prepping it for the summer months to come. Exfoliating helps to stimulate circulation, detox the skin and leave it feeling soft and supple with a healthy glow.

Epsom salts are ideal for exfoliating.  From removing dead skin cells to promoting brighter, healthier looking skin, Epsom salts also work to detoxify skin, helping draw out impurities and flush away toxins. Keep a tub of this wonderful stuff in your bathroom and add it to baths, use as an exfoliator in the shower or even combine with your conditioner to create a volumising hair treatment.

To use as an exfoliator, simply take a handful of salts and combine with a tablespoon of carrier oil. Simply massage over wet skin and rinse off afterwards.

For a simple recipe on how to create your own all natural, ready to use salt scrub, check out one of our previous blog posts:

Invigorating Grapefruit & Peppermint Salt Scrub.


(2) Switch to a Lighter Moisturiser

During the winter months, we’re likely to use heavy, intensive moisturisers and face creams to keep our skin protected from the harsh weather conditions. Once the temperatures start to warm up, it’s a good idea to switch to a lighter option (particularly if you have an oily complexion, as heavy creams can cause blocked pores).

Our AA Skincare brand has a gorgeous selection of moisturising face lotions which are ideal for use during the warmer months.  They are light, easily absorbed and yet will give your skin the nourishment it needs.

Choose from naturally anti septic Lavender & Tea Tree, ideal for oily or congested skin, or refreshing and soothing Bergamot & Chamomile, also beneficial to acne prone and oily skin. For the more mature skin types, there is a hydrating Frankincense & Rose face lotion or nourishing Sandalwood & Palmarosa, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. 

For more information, please visit our AA Skincare website through the link below:

(3) Summer skin prep

Ok so it’s not quite sunbathing weather, but spring is a good chance to help prepare our skin for the warmer weather to come. The sun can really dry our skin out so it’s important to keep it well nourished and hydrated before the summer months come around (as well as ensuring we’re wearing an adequate SPF protection for when things really start to heat up).

Virgin Coconut oil acts as a great all over 100% natural body moisturiser. It’s rich in Vitamin E which helps repair and regenerate the skin and its intensive moisturising properties can help to lock in moisture and keep the skin well hydrated.

Use on its own or blend with an essential oil choice for added properties. You can blend with Lavender to use on acne prone skin or Frankincense to help nourish the more mature skin type.

Coconut oil also acts as a natural skin softener and can work wonders on dry and cracked feet which will help prepare you for feet for sandal season in the summer months.

There you have some of our top natural skincare tips for this spring. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and stay tuned for more tips and advice to come.





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AA Skincare Plant-Inspired Natural Shampoos – The Wonders of Herbs!

Give your hair a treat with five new plant-inspired natural shampoos from AA Skincare. Featuring holistic, Ayurvedic herb powders to boost hair health, this new range of nourishing shampoos will naturally cleanse and protect all hair types.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:00

Essential Oils for Sports and Exercise.

New Year, New You

Getting active is often one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. It’s a great chance to work off the mince pies from the Christmas period and kick-start your year with a more active routine to help you achieve your personal goals.

Whatever it is you set out to achieve, there are a few ways in which essential oils can lend a helping hand and make that gym session just a little easier. Here are our top tips on how to do this :).


• Before your Workout: Essential oils to energize and motivate!

Certainly for me, the hardest part of getting an exercise session in is often simply just getting to the gym or getting yourself outside for a run (especially when the weather is so cold). Often we may feel tired after a long day and work and struggle to get motivated, and this is a when a gentle pick-me-up can work wonders at helping us get out the door.

(1) Peppermint – one of the most invigorating oils! Peppermint can help you to breathe deep and feel refreshed and ready to start your exercise routine.

(2) Rosemary – one of the most stimulating oils. Rosemary can be used to energize the senses and even helps warm up the muscles (by diluting with a carrier oil and massaging onto the muscles before a workout).

(3) Grapefruit – Sweet and refreshing. Grapefruit is well known for helping us stay alert and focused. Try blending with Ginger for an added kick.

You can enjoy the benefits of these oils from inhaling directly from the bottle, placing a few drops onto a handkerchief and taking it with you to the gym. You could also dilute in a carrier oil and add to your wrists and temples before your workout.


• After your workout: Essential Oils to help you recover.

When you increase your physical activity, it’s not uncommon for you to feel the strain on your muscles. Often we can feel aches and pains after an intense exercise session and need a little help to ease the discomfort.

(1) Eucalyptus – a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Eucalyptus is a great choice for helping ease muscles pain.

(2) Black Pepper – warming and penetrating. Its antispasmodic properties help to offer relief from muscle spasms and cramps. Try blending with a citrus oil such as Lemon to sweeten the aroma.

(3) Marjoram – also great to use because of its antispasmodic properties. Marjoram’s gentle sedative properties also makes it a great choice to use after a work out to help you wind down and relax.

Get the most out of these oils by adding to a hot bath after your workout or diluting with a carrier oil and applying to the affected area. Massage in gentle circular motions and allow the oils to be absorbed. 

We hope your year is getting off to a great start and we wish you all the best with any new year's resolutions you may have! Stay tuned for more from us over the next few weeks.

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