So, you've decided to start your zero waste haircare journey and one of the first things you decide you are going to do is ditch commercial liquid shampoo's. For many of us the thought of ditching our trusted bottled shampoo can be daunting. But switching to shampoo bars has many benefits, not just for your hair but the environment as well, it's so worth it.

Here's some of my reasons for making the switch;

Plastic free solid shampoo is more sustainable than recycling.

Shampoo bars have made a noticeable difference to my hair and made it so much healthier.

Save money - you get TWICE as many washes from our shampoo bars than a 250ml liquid bottle of shampoo.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, hopefully we can all enjoy a holiday this year, shampoo bars will help you sail through airport security more smoothly, as well as taking up less space and weight in your bag.

Have you ever experienced a 'shampoo explosion' in your bag when you've travelled?? - I have, and it's something I will do my upmost to avoid happening, bars eliminate the risk of this.

Another holiday pro, once you get rid of your liquid shampoo, you'll eliminate the need to buy miniature plastic toiletries.

They help me remain plastic free and lowers my carbon footprint.

Washing Hair

The majority of people can switch to a chemical free shampoo smoothly, but what if you're not one of those people (me). Because you're switching from a chemical product to a natural one there can be a transition period. The first time I used my favourite AA Skincare Almond shampoo bar, my usually soft conditioned hair felt a bit waxy, I thought perhaps I had done something wrong and nearly gave up, but I really wanted to get rid of horrid chemicals from my hair and to be plastic free, because I had heard so many good things about ditching chemical shampoo's, I persevered and continued using my bar and I'm SO glad I did. Basically, what can happen is detergent shampoos strip away the natural protective oils and your scalp produces more oil to compensate. Your scalp becomes conditioned in this vicious cycle of excess oil production. As you transition to a natural chemical-free shampoo bar, your scalp needs time to rebalance the oil production. So during your transition period, your hair may feel or look slightly more greasy- this will not last, so don't give up. As you probably know, commercial shampoos contain synthetic silicones and silica that coat your hair, to make it feel nice, but they leave a residue in it. We want to rid our hair of those.

Shampoo bars are just as easy to master as bottles, you just need the proper technique. Firstly, make sure you choose the right shampoo bar for your hair type, you may need to try out a couple of different ones until you find the perfect one for you.

Once you've discovered your new haircare miracle bar, follow these steps:

Start by brushing your dry hair from scalp to tip to distribute your natural oils.

Wet the bar.

Wet your hair.

Rub the bar onto your hair- I always rub around my hairline, under my hair line along the nape of my neck, and then just rub whatever soap is left on my head throughly into my scalp. Don't be afraid to give it a good scrub. :)

As always, just like you do with liquid shampoo, you should do this twice- rinsing in between.

Also, I don't know if you know, but there's no need for conditioner as the bars contain conditioning oils that do the job.

Once this is done, comb through gently and style as normal. It's THAT simple!

Just like bottled shampoos, there is no one-size-fits all shampoo bar. Pick the one that most closely aligns with the bottled shampoo you're currently using. We have a shampoo bar to cater for all different hair types, just pick the one that suits you and your hair best.

Zing Fresh

A powerhouse for hair, the combination of Peppermint essential oil and Coconut oil works to both refresh and rejuvenate by cooling and helping treat itchy scalps as well as stimulating hair growth. Restoring hair health and quality, it will also help reduce any excess oil - leaving it shiny, smooth and hydrated.


Give dull hair a health boost with nourishing almond oil. Bursting with vitamins A, D & E, this bar will help nurture damaged hair back to health, adding condition and shine. Antioxidant rich to stimulate circulation in the scalp and encourage hair growth, it also features Omega 3 to strengthen follicles, leaving hair well hydrated and silky.

Perfect for dry, dull and damaged hair.

Intense coconut

An intensely moisturising coconut shampoo bar. Let hair soak up the nourishing properties of vitamin and mineral-rich coconut - leaving it strong and healthy. Adds lustre, shine and softness as well as promoting scalp health and encouraging growth.

Perfect for dry or damaged hair.

Life Style

This bar is the business. A super herb blend featuring regenerative Lavender, aromatic Rosemary and enriching Chamomile to revitalise and restore dry, flaky scalps. Vitamin and mineral-rich coconut nourishes and conditions itchy hair. Regular massaging with this shampoo will help stimulate and nourish scalps, helping reduce any dandruff.

Great for itchy, dry hair.


Warming, uplifting and comforting to soothe dry scalps and strengthen hair. A shot of mineral-rich Cinnamon and Clove essential oils help stimulate circulation and encourage healthy hair growth. Calming Peppermint oil steps in to soothe, with extracts of Nettle working to strengthen and improve hair quality. Nourishing Coconut oil, moisturises and conditioners, making hair more manageable.

Perfect for dry hair.

Illuminate Blonde

Breathe life back into dry hair with this nutritious blend. Omega 3-rich Almond oil gets to grips with weak follicles, encouraging growth and strength. Antioxidant-rich Geranium essential oil helps repair and rejuvenate damaged hair and works to strengthen and protect. Blended with Lemon peel oil and formulated to boost shine and condition.

Particularly beneficial for dry and damaged hair.

Botanical Boost

This is a great all rounder for all hair types. The rejuvenating Frankincense and vitamin-rich Avocado oil act as a natural tonic to help stimulate hair growth and calm skin. Working together with anti-oxidant packed Argan oil and aromatic Rose oil to breathe new life into flat, dull hair by helping improve texture and give damaged and colour-treated hair a moisture boost. Rose Geranium oilis added to the mix to strengthen hair, naturally.

Brilliantly Balancing

Energising and uplifting, this refreshing cocktail of citrus fruits is a miracle-worker for hair health and growth. Purifying and balancing, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils work to reduce scalp build up and excess oil - adding shine and condition as well as soothing itchy skin and stimulating hair growth.

I've got one more tip that helped me out when I made the switch, I had found the right shampoo bar, the right technique, waited out the transition period… but my hair still looked a little greasy. The solution…an apple cider vinegar rinse! It might just be the thing your hair needs to bring the shine back. Apple cider vinegar can balance out the scalp's PH and rinse out any lingering shampoo.

Here's how you can do it:

Mix 1/2 to 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces of water. (For dry hair, less apple cider vinegar is better. For oily hair, go with more.)

After shampooing and rinsing, pour the mixture all over your hair and scalp. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out.

Don't worry, your hair won't smell like vinegar - trust me. Use as often as you need until your hair fully adjusts to your shampoo bar!


Have a look at our selection and find your new eco-friendly shampoo bar.

Shampoo Bars

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