COSMOS Organic Mandarin (Red) Essential Oil 10ml

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  • The fruit aptly named Mandarin as it was the traditional gift given to the Mandarins of China

  • Popular in the flavour and fragrance industry due to its deep orange (almost red) citrus aroma

  • An essential oil that aids in the removal of greasy skin, oil can remove oil

  • We refer to this oil as the body 'toning' oil

The fruit was named a Mandarin as it once was the traditional gift to the Mandarins of China. Grown in Italy, our mandarins are wild harvested & then the peel physically expressed to obtain a deep orange (almost red) citrus oil.

Mostly used in the fragrance & perfumery world, this oil is a great exotic citrus ingredient delivering functionalities too; this oil can aid in the removal of greasy skin, oil can remove oil. Good for face creams, masks but also to fragrance body creams. We like to refer to this oil as a body 'toning' oil.

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