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Looking for something a little different for Valentine’s this year? Left it a bit late?! We’ve got some great ideas for you – they’re all ready to use straight out of the jar or bottle so couldn’t be easier!

And, if you order before 2pm on Thursday 12th February then we'll make sure they're despatched that day to be delivered before the 14th!

We have a great range of expertly blended of Massage Oils, Bath Oils and Body Lotions which make the perfect Valentine’s gift. You and your partner can enjoy the natural wonders of aromatherapy without the fuss of blending and mixing.

We’ve got blends for every desire here at Amphora to help you relax, invigorate and nourish the skin or ease and restore tired and overworked muscles. For Valentine’s Day however, we thought our Sensuous or Pure Pleasure blends would be perfect for you and your partner to enjoy a lovely relaxing evening together.

These beautiful blends not only smell great but contain a host of beneficial properties to help make your evening extra special! 

Made with:

Ylang Ylanga renowned aphrodisiac which is full of relaxing properties. Ylang Ylang essential oil is perfect to use in massage to help you wind down, relax and to have you ready for romance.

Patchouli – psychologically, Patchouli is a wonderful oil for uplifting the emotions and releasing tension. It is also a natural aphrodisiac, helping to instigate feelings of love and romance. Its earthy aroma helps to create a warm, inviting and uplifting atmosphere.

Clary Sage – a useful oil for helping stimulate sexual energy and help fuel sexual desire. There really are no limits to the benefits of this essential oil. Clary Sage is well loved for its ability to help balance hormones, uplift our mood and helping us to feel relaxed and restored.

Sandalwood – long praised for being a natural aphrodisiac as well as a whole host of other properties.  Sandalwood is a deeply grounding oil, used for centuries to promote inner peace and spirituality. Its rich, sweet and woody aroma can be appreciated by both men and women.

Alternatively our Pure Pleasure blend would be perfect for you and your partner to enjoy a lovely relaxing evening together. This beautiful blend smells not only smells great but it contains a host of beneficial properties to help make the evening extra special! 

Like the Sensuous blend it also contains Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang as well as Sweet Orange, Rosewood and Geranium which help to create a slightly sweeter aroma. 

Sweet OrangeA bright and cheerful ‘feel good’ oil! A natural anti-depressant, natural sedative and a natural aphrodisiac. Orange can be used to treat problems linked to loss of libido and its wonderful, sweet aroma gives this blend a sweet and cheerful lift. 

Geranium – Another real feel good oil. Geranium is thought to promote feelings of harmony and happiness within relationships and has been regarded as an oil of romance. Its sweet and floral aroma is powerful and can also act as natural aphrodisiac.

Rosewood – This adds a lovely sweet and woody aroma to the blend. It is an appealing scent to most. Rosewood is believed to promote feelings of empowerment and positive emotions. It can be used to treat mild forms of depression, stimulate the secretion of hormones and help boost the libido. 

Both of the above blends come as a Massage Oil, Bath Oil and Body Lotion so a bottle of each provides everything you need for a home pamper session! You can find them all in the Ready To Use section of our website - click here to shop now!

For that extra special gift, you may like to go for our specially created gift boxThe Box of Love’! Beautifully packaged and ready to give to your special someone, it contains a selection of our ready to use Massage Oils, Bath Oils and Body Lotions for you and your partner to enjoy. 

Beautifully presented, with a gift tag to write a special message, our Valentine’s gift box contains:

A bottle of our Pure Pleasure Bath Oil

A bottle of Sensuous Massage Oil

And finished off with our Relaxing Body Lotion.

So light some candles, run a warm bath and enjoy a relaxing evening with your loved one. 

Order before 2pm on Thursday 12th February to guarantee delivery in time for the big day. 

While you're here, don't forget to take a look at our other blogs for oodles of information, tips and advice on a wide variety of topics from skin care to massage. 









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