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Aromatherapy clay shower gel... sounds soothing, cleansing and moisturising to me!

I’ve been wanting to make this for ages... another soggy weekend means that I have my chance to get creating. Aromatherapy clay shower gel... sounds soothing, cleansing and moisturising to me! I want a lovely fragrance from the oils, all the therapeutic properties from the ingredients and fresh, happy skin please!

So... first things, first! Organise my equipment:

  • Spoon/stirrer/paper/scissors/tape
  • Empty bottles for my creations
  • Bath oils/shower gel base/clay powders

I gather together the ingredients I want to create my clay shower gels... I pick them for scent, skin nourishment and colour. I am going to make 3 combinations.

Bath oils: Each has their own signature aromatherapy blend. Vegan friendly.

Amphora Aromatics, RelaxingCalming, balancing and stress releasing.

Made with pure essential oils including Lavender, Chamomile Roman and Melissa

Amphora Aromatics, PMT- Soothing, calming and stress releasing.

Made with pure essential oils including Lavender, Clary Sage and Neroli Absolute

Amphora Aromatics, Invigorating- Energising and refreshing.

Made with pure essential oils including Basil, Geranium and Rosemary.

Shower Gel Base: The clear gel base is the perfect plain base to mix ingredients into.

Amphora Aromatics, Shower Gel Base:  Paraben free and natural SLS free product. Vegan friendly.


Clays: The clays are very efficient at drawing dirt, oils, and toxins from the skin. Vegan friendly.

Amphora Aromatics, Pink Clay- Pink Kaolin, suitable for dry/sensitive skin.

Amphora Aromatics, White Clay- Kaolin, suitable for sensitive skin.

Amphora Aromatics, Green Clay- Illite, suitable for normal/oily skin.

The steps...

  • Set out my equipment
  • Sort out my bath oil/clay combinations
  • Make a cone out of the paper, and hold the shape with a piece of tape
  • Take Bottle 1 – fill ¾ with shower gel base
  • Put my cone in the top of the bottle and pour in x2 heaped tablespoons of clay
  • Add into the mix as much bath oil as I like
  • Use the stirrer to mix the product together
  • Put the lid on and shake it really, really well - repeat the process for Bottle 2 and 3

It doesn’t have to be perfect - you can put in more or less of all the ingredients as you like!

I can’t wait to try mine out, enjoy creating yours!



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