Seductive Scents - Valentine's Day The Natural Way Part 2

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Part two of our Valentine’s Guide features a luxuriously sweet blend that has a gorgeous combination of aromas to help encourage a sensual atmosphere. Jasmin, Vanilla and Bergamot all work together to boost the love! Click to learn more.  

The Jasmin flower has throughout history been associated with love and romance. The beautifully sweet and floral aroma of its essential oil is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac and is often be used to open the heart. It just might be the perfect scent to use around Valentine’s Day. 

Bergamot offers a light and fruity top note to this rich blend. It’s one of the best oils for helping combat stress and ease tension so it will really help you and your partner wind down and relax. 

Sweet and luxurious Vanilla is thought to act as a natural aphrodisiac. It can help to boost libido and stimulate the sexual hormones. The warm and sensual aroma is pleasing to many and can help add that luxurious element to your special evening. 

For this recipe you will need an empty bottle – we recommend a minimum 100ml. You can see Amphora’s range of empty bottles and sundries by clicking here. 


60ml of base / carrier oil (you can choose your favourite but we think Grapeseed or Peach Kernel would work well with this blend).

15 drops of Vanilla Extract.

25 drops of Bergamot essential oil.

20 drops of Jasmin diluted absolute (if you have the undiluted absolute you should add no more than 1-2 drops to begin with and then add more if you want to increase the strength of the Jasmin in the aroma).


Pour the carrier oil into the empty bottle, then add the oils one by one.  Shake gently to mix together before each use

To use:

Pour into the palm of one hand or directly on to the area of the body you’ll be massaging. Then let your hands do the work!

You could also create a romantic burner blend with these oils. Try adding 5 drops Jasmin Diluted Absolute (1 drop of the Absolute), 3 drops of Bergamot and 1 of Vanilla Extract to your burner or vaporiser for an even headier atmosphere. 

We'll have more sensual tips and blends in the build up to Valentine's Day so don't forget to check back regularly for the next posts in this special series. You can see all of our other Blogs covering a multitude of ideas, tips, recipes and advice by clicking here. 

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