Aromatherapy Winter Hair Protection - Dry Hair and Brittle Ends.

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All this week we'll be giving you tips on how to keep your hair looking and feeling great through the harsh winter months using pure essential oils and other vegetable and carrier oils. Click to learn more. 

Going from the cold weather outside to a centrally heated house or office can lead to serious damage to your luscious locks! It can be really hard to avoid the hair becoming too dry which can  lead to split ends and brittle hair. 

Some good tips for keeping your hair healthy and happy are to regularly condition it, avoid over washing and to restrict the use of hairdryers and straighteners. 

There are a lot of deep conditioning hair treatments out there, but many of these contain dodgy chemicals with ingredients you can’t even pronounce! If you’d like to opt for a more natural treatment, look no further than all the wonderful essential and carrier oils nature has already provided. 

People have used oils on their hair for centuries, whether to promote growth, reduce breakage or add shine and vitality. There are endless ways in which natural oils can do wonders for the hair. 

This week we’ll be giving you five really simple, two ingredient recipes combining vegetable and carrier oils with various essential oils to create some gorgeously nourishing hair masks to suit your hair type. 

It may be cold outside, but that just means there’s more of an excuse to take long hot baths in the evening and give yourself some well-deserved pampering! The bath is the perfect place to apply this mask but it can be done on the sofa too. 

Nourishing Hair Mask for brittle ends - Avocado Oil and Geranium. Perfect for dry hair:

Take 25ml of Avocado oil.

Add 5 drops of Geranium essential oil.

You can adjust the quantities keeping the same ratio if you have longer hair. Mix well and gently massage over your hair, paying particular attention to the ends. If your hair tends to be oily at the roots but dry at the ends, you may want to focus solely on the ends of your hair to ensure it receives as much nourishment as possible and to avoid making the roots too oily.

Leave in for 15-30 minutes depending on how much time you have! Relax and enjoy the uplifting aroma of geranium whilst you wait. 

There are many homemade recipes out there which include mashed avocado in the recipe. It’s  often a popular choice and there are many reasons for that! The problem is, using fresh avocado can be time consuming and messy. Using the vegetable oil is a mess free and more cost effective alternative and after all, it’s the oil from the avocado which contains the majority of its nutrients. 

Avocado oil is abundant in vitamins A, B, D and E, allowing it to offer excellent protection against breakage. The vitamins and proteins it contains help to strengthen your hair, whilst its intense moisturising properties help condition it and leave it feeling soft and smooth! 

Geranium oil is an excellent oil to use on dry hair due to its moisturising and balancing properties. It is also helpful in strengthening the hair and rejuvenating it. Plus, its aroma can help to relieve tension and stress making it a particularly lovely oil to use in a mask like this one. 

Don't forget to check back through the rest of the week for more tips. If you have a particular hair type you'd like some advice for then please don't hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll see what we can do :)


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