Dry / Sensitive Skin Oil Cleanser Blend

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Hello everyone! Sophie here with another blog for you. This time I take a look at the best carrier and vegetable oils for sensitive / dry skins. 

In my last blog I focused on those Carrier Oils and Vegetable Oils that are most suited to cleansing oily skin. This time I’ll be highlighting two oils that best suit dry and sensitive skins.

Those of you with dry and/or sensitive skins know only too well that harsh chemicals often found in many cleansers can cause irritation, sensitivity and leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Using pure and natural ingredients can be a great way to gently care for and protect skin. Cleansing with a Carrier or Vegetable oil is the perfect place to start.

Not only does cleansing with oil feel like luxury for the skin, it will gently remove excess oil and dirt leaving skin feeling deeply cleansed. The oils will also help to heal, protect and moisturising your skin while you cleanse.


Cleansing Oils Suitable for Dry / Sensitive Skins:

Peach Kernel Oil:

Soothing and nourishing, Peach Kernel oil has great moisturising, regenerating and revitalising properties which make it a good choice for dry, chapped skin. It’s also high in Vitamins A, B and E.

Evening Primrose Oil:

A rich source of fatty acids and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), both essential for skin health. Evening Primrose oil is a gentle oil that helps moisturise the skin and boost circulation.

A good ratio to work with is 3:1 Ratio Peach Kernel Oil to Evening Primrose Oil. So, to make 10mls of your blend you’d need 7ml of Peach Kernel Oil and 3mls Evening Primrose Oil. 10mls is a good amount to start with because this way you can make sure your blend is right for you and your skin without wasting any of the oils. Once you’re happy that this combination works well for you then you can increase the amounts you make.

How to use: 

Oil cleansing gives you a very deep cleanse so is best for night time when your skin usually requires more attention.  If you feel your skin doesn’t need such a full cleanse every evening you may want to use this method 2 or 3 times a week and on the other evenings use your normal cleanser as you would in the mornings.

Oils are a great make-up remover and can be applied directly over the eye-lids so I find that I don’t need to pre-cleanse with a separate make-up remover. You can just go straight into cleansing with your oil.

Dampen your skin slightly with warm water, then pour a small amount of the oil blend into the palm of your hands. You’ll notice a small amount goes along way. Use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into the skin, concentrating on areas were you feel the need for a little more attention - often around the nose and chin area. You will notice the oil easily breaking down the makeup and dirt on your skin as you massage. Then simply wipe away with a warm cloth. Repeat this step until your skin is completely cleansed before rinsing well to ensure no oil is left on the skin.


Always make sure you’re using warm water to remove the oil. If the water isn’t warm enough it won’t loosen the oil making it hard to remove and you’ll be left with oil on your skin.

The most important thing is choosing the right oil for your skin. Remember you can blend oils together to create a cleanser that suits the needs of your own skin. If your skin feels irritated or dry after cleansing then you should try working with a different oil.

It’s common for skin to become a little disrupted the first week or so you when you start cleansing with oil. Don’t panic, this is just those clogged pores unblocking the impurities that have built up over time. Be patient and you’ll soon be seeing the amazing results of cleansing with oil.

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