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As the colder months draw in it’s important to ensure we keep our immune system in tip top condition. This helps us to ward off breakouts of colds and flu. 

Getting a decent amount of sleep, ensuring you’re getting the nutrition you need and staying hydrated are the key fundamentals in helping you stay healthy and happy. 

There’s a lot of love for Ravensara here at Amphora! Ravensara originates from Madagascar where it is sometimes known as ‘the oil that heals’ and there’s a good reason for that – it’s used to treat respiratory problems, has excellent anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-depressant properties. 

A lovely blend to boost immunity and promote feelings of joy, you can try the following in your burner, vaporiser or in a lovely warm bath:

3 Drops Ravensara – immune boosting, strengthening and invigorating. Ravensara is often used as an alternative to Tea Tree and Eucalyptus for cold and flu treatments. It has similar healing and protective properties but with a more appealing aroma. 

2 Drops Lavender – anti-bacterial, anti-viral and helpful in clearing the breathing passages. Its calming and balancing effect will help you relax and get a good night’s rest (not always easy if you’re feeling bunged up!).

2 Drops Bergamot – one of the most renowned and loved oils for treating depression or a low mood. Bergamot’s fresh, sweet, citrussy scent is incredibly uplifting and its anti-viral properties will fill help fight off air-borne bacteria. 

Find even more information about Ravensara by clicking here. 

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  • Comment Link Charles Stephens Wednesday, 22 October 2014 15:20 posted by Charles Stephens

    This oil sounds beautiful and just what I'm looking for. Thanks for such a well written and informative blog!

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