Copal Resin Incense 25g

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  • Sweet & light aroma

  • Copal is thought to have been the cermonial incense of the Aztecs

  • Sprinkle a few granules on a charcoal disc or throw a small handful on an open fire

  • Species
    Copaifera officinalis

Copal Resin Incense. Copal is said to have been the ceremonial incense of the Aztecs.

It has a sweet & light aroma. Burn in a specific resin incense burner using a charcoal disc. Light the disc and wait for it to become grey in appearance. Sprinkle a small amount of resin on top. The resin will melt and release the comforting smoke. Or add a small handfull to an open fire. Perfect for home use, meditiation or ceremonies.

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  • Species
    Copaifera officinalis
Always take great care when using any of these products. Use a proper incense burner and place on a non flammable surface. Always site your incense well away from flammable materials. Never leave unattended and always use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.

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