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  • Peppermint Essential Oil

    PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL   Mentha arvensis: From the plant family Lamiaceae (Labiatae). Peppermint grows worldwide but major producers are the USA, India and China. It's native to Southern Europe.  Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant which grows...
  • Take a Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Peppermint Harvest, India

    Take a Closer Look at Our Essential Oil Producers – The Peppermint Harvest, India With its uplifting scent, potential to help improve mental performance and memory,
  • Natural Immune Boosters - Peppermint

    healthy and happy. Using pure essential oils is also very effective. One of the most invigorating and refreshing oils, Peppermint oil is great to keep handy during the colder months. Its natural antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties make it great...
  • New Year, New You! Essential Oils to Motivate and Inspire Your Start to 2015. Today: Oils to Help Promote Healthy Eating and Weight Control.

    Hello again and thanks for taking the time to read my blog! This week we've been giving you some great ideas to help you with various New Year's resolutions.
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Freshen Up for Spring with AA Skincare’s Plant-Inspired Shower & Bath Gel Range

    spring with our refreshing plant-inspired shower and bath gels. With the Beauty Shortlist recently giving our Cedarwood & Peppermint Shower Gel the thumbs up in its 2018 awards, what better way to to boost skin health in for spring. Featuring healing...
  • Party Season - Naturally Energising Essential Oils

    The Christmas and New Year period means lots of things but you can guarantee that it will involve a party or two! So, we’ll be looking at how pure essential oils can help you to prepare, enjoy and recover from those parties.
  • Spring cleaning your skin - Aromatherapy Salt Scrubs to make your skin glow!

    I think we can say spring is officially in full swing (hooray!). The sun is shining, the daffodils are out and the days are most certainly lighter and brighter – long may it continue! Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings.
  • Spring Cleaning - the Natural Way! Part 2

    combine the three ingredients in a spray bottle, give it a good shake and spray generously over your household mirrors. • Peppermint oil for sparkling tiles. Invigorating and refreshing! Peppermint oil’s energizing properties are sure to make cleaning...
  • Oils for Weight Loss
  • Summer Skincare
  • Natural Beauty Awards
  • Detox, Restore, Hydrate with AA Skincare’s Plant-Based Natural Skincare Range.

    the range is available from Tel: 01179047212. Prices start at £5.95 for a 250ml Cedarwood & Peppermint Shower Gel. Frankincense & Rose Deep Cleansing Face Mask – the perfect New Year skin detox. Give skin a treat with a weekly,...
  • 5 Simple Ways to Make Aromatherapy Part Of Your Life! Part 3 – Natural Pain Relief.

    In this series of blogs we’ve been looking at how straightforward it can be to benefit from basic Aromatherapy in your every-day life. This post looks at natural pain relief – click to read more.
  • Blends for Men – treat Dad to something different this Father’s day!
  • Summer holiday travel bag essentials. -aromatherapy tips for holidaymakers on the go-

    From insect bites to sunburn, whether you’re heading down to the beautiful beaches of Cornwall or jetting off to somewhere exotic this summer, here are some top aromatherapy tips using natural solutions and essential oils to help make sure your holiday...
  • Tips for the Switch
  • Dry, sensitive, spot-prone skin?
  • Blends to Suit Your Mood
  • Student Survival Kit

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