Mixed Bath Fizz Bombes x 6

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  • A special pack featuring 2 each from our range of luxury Fizz Bombes

  • A great way to utilise the benefits of essential oils at bath time

  • 2 each of Lavender, Neroli and Ylang Ylang

Big Luxury Bath Fizz Bombes nearly 2 and a half inches (over 6cm) in diameter. They are in 2 halves - you just need 1 half per bath for fizzy fun!

Just drop it into the bath and watch it fizz away to disperse the benefits of the essential oils.

In this mixed pack of 6, there is:

2 x Neroli Fizz Bombs.

Neroli is a relaxing and soothing aroma that can help you to wind down and soothe away the tensions of a stressful day.

2 x Lavender Fizz Bombs.

Lavender is another wonderfully calming oil which can help you to unwind and achieve a state of deep relaxation.

2 x Ylang Ylang Fizz Bombs.

Ylang Ylang is renowned to be a naturally uplifting, mood boosting and sensuous aroma!

Used this way the lovely effects of the essential oils will enter your body through contact with the skin as well as through the nose from the wonderful aroma these luxurious Fizz Bombes produce.

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