Violet Fragrance 10ml

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  • A fresh, floral, garden smell

  • Man made synthetic fragrance - can be used with burners, vaporisers and in blends

  • Dilute to a maximum of 1% before use in massage

  • Extraction Process
    Man made

Violet Fragrance. Fragrances are an inexpensive way to perfume unscented soaps, hair products and body oils.

They are also great for use in burners, electric fragrancers, radiator fragrancers and as an inexpensive way to refresh Pot Pourri. Fragrances are also excellent for those looking to create their own individual perfume blends. TOP TIP: For the most wonderful personalised scented stationery: Soak small squares of blotting paper or absorbent fabric and place in a box with some good quality writing paper or greetings cards - don't allow the scented square to touch the paper! Seal the box and leave for 3 weeks. Please be aware that these products are chemical synthetics of natural products. Therefore they have no therapeutic value - they just smell nice. Remember to dilute to at least 1% before use on the body.

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  • Extraction Process
    Man made
Can be added to an electric diffuser or traditional oil burner, added to the bath or used in the making of soaps, candles and other bespoke gifts.
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Monday, 09 October 2017

One of my favourite scents, not too sweet and overpowering. Somehow reminds me of my childhood and early summer. I like adding it to my shower gels etc., this scent is so pure and matches my violet perfume so well! And even if you make a lot homemade cosmetics - it lasts literally forever. Plus once used - you can smell it on your skin for very long time.

Monika Jodlowska

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Oh gosh it smells of violets! Just like violets. Imagine walking down a country lane and you catch the scent, and then you get the urge to breathe in really deeply- this oil does exactly the same thing to you. But, even better than that, the fragrance lasts much longer than the real thing because it doesn't contain the ionone which causes anosmia, so it's an absolute winner all round for me!

Deborah NEILD

Thursday, 18 February 2016

beautiful fresh fragrance which is not too over powering, i tend to use several drops when burning most oils however i only use 2 drops. Fragrance lasts for a while its pleasant and refreshing one of my favourite oils to burn.

Lucy Thorley
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