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Home Pampering Tips With Amphora and Ooharr

Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-guh’ is a Danish word for cosiness meaning making yourself comfortable at home. It is currently all the rage in the UK what with the cold and miserable weather upon us. Whether it’s making a coffee or cosing up on the sofa with loved ones, Hygge is being aware of a good moment whether it is simple or special. 

So we have got a few tips for you on how to indulge in Hygge this Winter.

• Face masks

Face masks are good way to relax – I mean, who can resist the relaxation time and skincare benefits? We stock a vast variety of natural face masks catered for your individual skin types. Face masks can help hydrate, moisturise and cleanse the skin as well as uplifting your spirits – especially during the cold weather dry skin can become a problem. Shop Ooharr face masks here.

• Hot Baths

Most of us turn to hot bath for its relaxation purposes as well as having a bit of ‘you time’ and it can really help in many ways from soothing muscle pain to helping with skin concerns. Especially with it being cold our body becomes much more stiff and sore. It’s perfect for warming yourself up and de-stressing. Why not try an Epsom salt bath?

• Candles

Candles can really have a huge impact on our relaxation process. There are many calming effects of candlelight it can reduce stress and increase self-awareness. We all know a scented candle is a great luxury but have you tried essential oil candles? Essential oil candles are great way to burn and enhance the room with beautiful aromas to unwind and reap all the beneficial therapeutic properties. Bring the tranquil and restorative light of candles into your daily life. Shop essential oil candles here

• Socialising

The winter month can be a very busy month what with party season near and Christmas around the corner, but not all of us want to be out in this cold weather. A lovely way to relax and socialise, and huge part of Hygge, is spending time with friends and family even if it is indoors. Pamper evenings are a perfect, why not invite your girlfriends round, apply face masks and have a good catch up. Or even snuggle up on the sofa in front of a fire or under a blanket watching a movie and sipping hot chocolate – perfect for saving your money! 


Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog. We hope you manage to indulge in some Hygge soon. 



Wednesday, 14 September 2016 12:58

New season, new face mask!

September is here meaning back to school and college for many of you. This time can be very exciting, but it can also be very stressing for some. With heavy workloads and the change in weather, it can really take its toll on your skin causing it to break out, become oily and very problematic. Here at Ooharr we have recently launched our latest cream face masks Fruity Magic and Juicy Burst. They are jam packed with anti-oxidants and natural ingredients which are great for those back to school woes that may cause skin problems. 

Not only do our new cream masks nourish skin and help prevent untimely breakouts, they have a delighting, uplifting, fruity aroma. Making them ideal to use when you are feeling stressed or down to uplift your spirits and feel pampered.

Fruity Magic

  • Pomegranate Seed Oil is the star in this delicious face mask. A natural anti-oxidant and rich in Omega 5 fatty acid which helps to combat impurities in the skin – perfect for people with breakout prone skin due to stress with heavy workloads.
  • Contains Squalane, similar to Olive Oil, which helps the skin hold onto moisture.
  • Green Tea Extract is great for toning the skin and helps to brighten the complexion – great for those early mornings!
  • Refreshing and rejuvenating leaving the skin soft and supple with a natural glow.

Juicy Burst

  • Orange Peel Oil is rich in Vitamin C and is a natural anti-immflamatory and antiseptic - great for spot prone skin and helps skin look fresh and radiant.
  • Lime Peel Oil is rich in powerful antioxidants and also helps to tighten pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. 
  • Cucumber can rejuvenate tired skin and reduce puffiness due to those late nights getting your coursework finished in time. Can also cool and soothe skin so great for those with sensitive skin.
  • Invigorating and hydrating leaving the skin soft and supple with a natural glow as well. 

We hope you enjoy our new cream masks and for more information head to


Thursday, 18 August 2016 11:17

The Amazing Benefits of Face Masks

It’s safe to say everyone loves a good pampering session especially using face masks. One of the main advantages of using face masks is that they offer a wide range of skincare benefits in one easy application. You can use one to cleanse, clarify, moisturise or brighten your skin – the list could go on!

But many of us are still unsure about which ones to use and how to use them. If you happen to be questioning your face mask knowledge, we’ve put together a list of facts and tips that will help you learn the benefits a face mask can offer.


• Finding the right mask for you – if you have oily/combination skin our Dead Sea Cooler mask is perfect for deep cleansing as it draws out impurities to help reduce the production of sebum. If you have mature/dull skin needing that little pick-me-up our Rosie Glow mask is the one for you, it is intensely nourishing and balancing for the skin with help from our gorgeous Rose essential oil. If you have dry/sensitive skin our Star Glow is ideal for you as the key ingredients are Vanilla and Honey as well as Almond & Argan oil to help keep the skin soft, smooth and hydrated.


• Pre cleanse – Always use your daily cleanser before applying the mask. This is important as any makeup, dirt and oil can prevent getting all the benefits the mask is intended for. Open up pores by washing your face and neck with warm water.


• Application – Using damp hands, apply the mask to your damp skin. Never rub the mask directly into your skin – it should be applied like a frosting on a cake. Be sure to avoid the eye area and extend the mask from your face, down your neck and throat.


• Sit back and relax – Usually face masks should be left on for 10-20 minutes. If left longer it may not work as it is designed too and cause very dry skin. You can use face masks weekly but if you have oily/combination skin its ok to do this up to 2 times.


• Splash off – You don’t want to be too rough when removing it. Use plenty of warm water. Once rinsed off splash your face with cold water to close the pores and then pat dry, don’t rub your skin.


• Moisturise - Follow with a toner and a moisturiser that has been designed to help your skin type. This again shrinks pores, moisturises the skin and locks in the benefits of your mask! Avoid over-moisturising as this will clog your freshly cleared pores! Try AA Skincares’s Frankincense and Rose Face Toner and Frankincense and Rose Moisturising Face Lotion.  


We hope these tips help you when applying your face mask! 


Tuesday, 14 June 2016 08:28

Naturally Effective Alternatives to Microbeads

With around eight million tonnes of plastic waste entering our oceans every year, there is a push for the UK government to ban plastic microbeads in beauty and personal care products - following the example set by the US and other countries around the world. Two thirds of Brits are in favour of a ban, according to a new survey by Greenpeace.

Microbeads – solid plastic particles less than five millimetres in size – are found in many beauty and personal care products including facial exfoliators, body scrubs and toothpaste but are extremely harmful to marine life, which are ingesting them, resulting in toxins further up the food chain.

But what naturally effective alternatives are available and how can they play a part in our beauty and skincare routines? Here I have listed a couple of favourites at Amphora Aromatics.

Epsom Salts – stimulating and purifying, Epsom Salts are a fine, pure mineral compound – Magnesium Sulphate.  A natural and gentle exfoliator, the salts work to stimulate circulation and draw out impurities from oily and combination skin.  Epsom Salts are also a great way to treat sore muscles and relieve stress.  Mix with essential oils and natural ingredients to make your own, all natural, aromatherapy blend.

Dead Sea Salts – mineral rich and therapeutic. Help to detoxify and soften acne prone, oily skin as part of regular skincare routine. A stronger exfoliator than Epsom Salts, these work well as a bath soak too.  Dead Sea Salts are also a key natural ingredient in AA Skincare’s exfoliating Mint & Dead Sea Salt Deep Cleansing Face Mask.

Apricot Facial Scrub – Our very own gorgeous and gentle Apricot Facial Scrub is the perfect exfoiliant and deep pore cleanser for all skin types, especially those with dry and sensitive skin. It is made with Apricot Kernel oil and olive stones which act as a great microbead alternative. Perfect for removing makeup and excess oil and dirt leaving the skin thoroughly refreshed.

Follow the links below for tips on how to make your own natural exfoliators. 



Thursday, 12 May 2016 09:58

Brand new natural Ooharr clay face masks

Have you seen our new Ooharr face masks?

Treating yourself to a face mask is a great way to treat skin concerns and keep your complexion balanced and healthy. There are plenty of different formulas available, each designed to help certain skin types and we have recently launched our fun, full of goodness and retro-inspired natural face masks and they are only £1.20 a sachet!

Finding the right mask for you is always hard if you are new to face masks so I will be talking about the different face masks, the key ingredients and focusing on their benefits to help get you to the soft, smooth and supple skin you wish for!

 Dead Sea Cooler
• Peppermint, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel are the key ingredients in this face mask to help you achieve that brighter and clearer complexion
• Contains Dead Sea salts which helps open pores and detoxify.
• Kaolin Clay is great for deep cleansing as it draws out the impurities and helps reduce the production of sebum.
• Suitable for spot prone and oily skin.

 Rosie Glow
• Rose is the key ingredient which helps to regenerate and renew tired, mature and dry skill cells.
• Intensely nourishing and balancing.
• Protects the skin from environmental damage.
• Contains Dead Sea salts which help open pores, detoxify and moisturise the skin leaving it soft and supple.
• Montmorillonite clay is deep cleansing as well as hydrating to help you achieve rejuvenated skin.
• Suitable for Mature, dry and needing a ‘pick-me-up’ skin.

 Star Glow
• Vanilla and Honey are the key ingredients as well as Almond and Argan oil to keep the skin soft, smooth and hydrated.
• Perfect for any skin irritations as Aloe Vera is another ingredient which helps to cool and calm the irritated places.
• Contains Dead Sea Salts to open pores and detoxify the skin.
• Bentonite Clay has a special ability to act as an antibiotic when applied to the skin and can help calm skin infections as well as draw out impurities
• Suitable for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

 Which one will you try?






Friday, 01 April 2016 14:43



Harsh weather and cold winter months can take its toll on your hair - leaving it dry, frizzy, and totally unmanageable by springtime.  Now the weather warming up and humidity is slowly increasing, this is the perfect time to revitalize and moisturise your hair in preparation for summer.  Hair trends for 2016 are all about natural, undone textures with a glamorous quality so here’s eight great tips to keep your hair looking fabulous.

•PROTECT YOUR HAIR – from sun and pollution. Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil powder, has high purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties which is great for helping pollution-damaged hair because of its antioxidant properties. It’s featured in our Ylang Ylang, Argan & Rosemary conditioning shampoo and our Peony, Bay & Brahmi nourishing shampoo.  Protecting hair from sun can be difficult but tying your hair loosely and shampooing your hair with hydrating shampoo can really help absorb moisture


•DEAL WITH WET HAIR – when your hair is wet it is very fragile and breaks easily. The shaft (the hair above your scalp) and the roots of your hair are prone to damage.  Don’t be too harsh when shampooing and brushing as breakage begins here.  Use a gentle massaging technique and a wide-toothed comb whilst the conditioner is on to help get rid of knots.


•REDUCE THE HEAT– avoid using the highest heat setting on your hair styling tools as it can burn your hair. Heat strips the moisture from hair, making it dry and frizzy and when over used it can burn your hair. Remember to use a hair protectant. A blend of Lavender and Jojoba oils are great for protecting your hair from hair styling heat.


•REGULAR HAIR CUTS – cutting your hair on a regular basis keeps it fresh looking, easy to manage and, if you have long hair, helps keep split ends at bay.  How often depends on how fast it grows and condition.  Getting into a routine will help keep your hair looking fabulous and avoid it looking straggly and frizzy.


•BREAK BAD HABITS - stress, smoking, over eating and drinking can make your hair feel and look dull and lifeless and prone to damage. The healthier you are, the healthier your hair is. Try burning these essential oils as they have great aromatherapy benefits – Lavender is great for relieving stress whilst Grapefruit essential oil will help reduce food cravings. 


•SWIMMERS HAIR – chlorine builds up on hair and leaves a discolouring green film. Be sure to prepare hair for swimming. Wet hair with tap water before you take the plunge and it won’t absorb too much chlorinated water or, if your pool allows it, cover it in conditioner, so it is even harder for hair to absorb chlorine. And, try a post-swim clarifying shampoo which has residue-removing properties – our recently launched, plant inspired, AA Skincare range includes Cedarwood and Peppermint Deep Cleansing shampoo


•AVOID TYING HAIR TIGHTLY - tying your hair up too tightly and too often can cause breakage. Tie hair up every so often or loosely with a clip to help let hair breath and reduce pulling.


•CONDITIONING – When it comes to conditioning our strands, many of us brush over the critical step, or skip it all together.  However, experts agree that moisturising your mane is just as, if not more, important than cleaning it. Make sure you choose a hydrating, nourishing and conditioning mask to apply directly to the mid length and ends. Take a look at this video for the best vegetable oils to use for deep conditioning masks in the comfort of your own home.