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Thursday, 18 August 2016 11:17

The Amazing Benefits of Face Masks

It’s safe to say everyone loves a good pampering session especially using face masks. One of the main advantages of using face masks is that they offer a wide range of skincare benefits in one easy application. You can use one to cleanse, clarify, moisturise or brighten your skin – the list could go on!

But many of us are still unsure about which ones to use and how to use them. If you happen to be questioning your face mask knowledge, we’ve put together a list of facts and tips that will help you learn the benefits a face mask can offer.


• Finding the right mask for you – if you have oily/combination skin our Dead Sea Cooler mask is perfect for deep cleansing as it draws out impurities to help reduce the production of sebum. If you have mature/dull skin needing that little pick-me-up our Rosie Glow mask is the one for you, it is intensely nourishing and balancing for the skin with help from our gorgeous Rose essential oil. If you have dry/sensitive skin our Star Glow is ideal for you as the key ingredients are Vanilla and Honey as well as Almond & Argan oil to help keep the skin soft, smooth and hydrated.


• Pre cleanse – Always use your daily cleanser before applying the mask. This is important as any makeup, dirt and oil can prevent getting all the benefits the mask is intended for. Open up pores by washing your face and neck with warm water.


• Application – Using damp hands, apply the mask to your damp skin. Never rub the mask directly into your skin – it should be applied like a frosting on a cake. Be sure to avoid the eye area and extend the mask from your face, down your neck and throat.


• Sit back and relax – Usually face masks should be left on for 10-20 minutes. If left longer it may not work as it is designed too and cause very dry skin. You can use face masks weekly but if you have oily/combination skin its ok to do this up to 2 times.


• Splash off – You don’t want to be too rough when removing it. Use plenty of warm water. Once rinsed off splash your face with cold water to close the pores and then pat dry, don’t rub your skin.


• Moisturise - Follow with a toner and a moisturiser that has been designed to help your skin type. This again shrinks pores, moisturises the skin and locks in the benefits of your mask! Avoid over-moisturising as this will clog your freshly cleared pores! Try AA Skincares’s Frankincense and Rose Face Toner and Frankincense and Rose Moisturising Face Lotion.  


We hope these tips help you when applying your face mask!