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Monday, 06 March 2017 16:20

Simple Sumptuous Face Oil Recipes for Different Skin Types

Simple Sumptuous Face Oil Recipes for Different Skin Types

With the growing popularity of facial oils on the high street, we thought we’d show you just how easy it is to make your own - without the hefty price tag.



• 20ml Grapeseed oil – easily absorbed and a highly moisturising non-allergenic oil. 

Friday, 19 December 2014 09:43

All-Natural Face Serum for Oily & Congested Skin

Hello everyone! Sophie here with another blog for you. This time I’ll be explaining how you can make your own all-natural face serum for oily, congested skin.

Tuesday, 02 December 2014 09:29

All Natural Oily Skin Moisturiser

Hello everyone – Sophie here again with another all-natural skincare tip. This time I have a lovely moisturiser blend which is perfect for Oily skins. 


In this blog I’ll be giving you a gorgeous blend to create a moisturiser that is suitable for more oily, spot prone skin. As always, I’m using only natural ingredients!

Oily skin can often be prone to blemishes so using a blend of pure essential oils that have antiseptic and astringent properties can help to clear skin and fight breakouts. 

Here are a few of my favourite essential oils for oily & congested skins.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 15:18

Oily Skin Cleanser Oil Blend

Following on from last week’s Mature Pure Skin Cleansing Blend, this week I will be focusing on those carrier and vegetable oils that are great for cleansing oily skin. 

As I explained in my previous blog, it’s really easy to create an all-natural blend that suits your needs. This is thanks to the incredible range of natural ingredients available nowadays. There really is no need to rely on those chemical packed products which can often end up causing more problems than they solve.

From previous experience with many clients I know that a crucial part of a good skincare routine is effective cleansing. This helps to remove the various unwanted elements such as perspiration, excess oil and dust from your skin. Crucially, this enables your skin to breathe and allows its natural defences to get to work.

These blogs concentrate on a method for cleansing that is becoming ever more popular. Oil cleansing may seem counter-intuitive. You may be wondering why it’s good to add more oil to your face. Well, oil dissolves oil so cleansing with vegetable or carrier oils can make a big difference. I know from experience just how effective oil cleanses can be so I was inspired to share my methods with you!

Cleansing Oils Suitable for Oily Skin: 

Grapeseed Oil: Well absorbed and highly moisturising. Non-allergenic so good for sensitive skin. 

Hazelnut Oil: A very light astringent oil that is great for balancing oily/combination skins and can help tighten pores and so limits the oil secretion for cleaner clearer skin. Full of skin hydrating essential fatty acids like linoleic acid.

A good ratio to work with is 3:1 Grapeseed Oil to Hazelnut Oil. So, to make 10mls of your blend you’d need 7ml of Grapeseed Oil and 3mls Hazelnut Oil.  10mls might not sound like much but you should get a good number of cleanses from this amount. Add the oils to a clean jar or bottle and mix well.

How to use:

This blend is probably best used at night. This is because it gives a really deep and thorough cleanse. You may find that your skin doesn’t need such an intensive treatment every night, in which case you can use this blend as a nourishing treat two or three times a week. You should use your normal cleanser in the mornings.

Unlike many other cleansing methods, there’s no need to pre-cleanse when you’re using an oil cleanser. So you’ve saved a bit of time already! Firstly, splash your face with warm water. Pour a little of the blend into your palms and then rub your hands together to warm the oil. Then gently apply all over your face.

Using circular motions, massage gently for 30 seconds or so. This will break down the makeup and dirt and make it easier to wipe away. Hold a warm wet cloth over your face for 10 seconds to encourage your pores to open then slowly wipe away the oil. Rinse and repeat until all oil is gone.


It’s important to try and find the right oil for your skin. Different oils can be blended together to create a cleanser that suits. If you find that your skin feels itchy, oily or irritated once you’ve cleansed then make sure you’re rinsing thoroughly. The idea is to remove all traces of the oil from the surface of your skin. You should also make sure that the water you use to rinse is nice and warm. If it’s too cold then the oil is much harder to remove.

You may find that your face takes 10 days or so to adjust to oil cleanses. The impurities that have built up over time will start to leave your skin and may provoke a few breakouts. Stay patient and eventually your skin will adapt so you’ll feel the full benefits of cleansing with oils.