Patchouli Essential Oil 10mls

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  • Grounding, soothing and uplifting

  • A popular choice for a natural deodorant and perfume

  • Rejuvenating and relaxing when vaporised

  • Species
    Pogostemon cablin
  • Origin
  • Extraction Process
    Steam distillation
  • Perfume Note

Patchouli essential oil has many potential applications. It has been used in hair care to help combat dandruff (try adding a few drops to your hair conditioner or create your own by blending it with our Amphora Aromatherapy Shampoo or Conditioner Bases).

Patchouli is also popular as a natural skin tonic  when diluted; it may also offer balance to oily and combination skin types.

Patchouli has also been widely used as a deodorant; its unmistakable scent has been used for centuries in perfumes, incense and all sorts of other uses (it is believed that Queen Victoria used Patchouli to protect her linen chests from moths).

It's deeply earthy, exotic and powerful aroma can be emotionally balancing for many. When burned or vaporised it is reputed to be good for calming nervous tension and relieving anxiety and lethargy.

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  • Species
    Pogostemon cablin
  • Origin
  • Extraction Process
    Steam distillation
  • Perfume Note
To diffuse in a traditional burner, simply fill dish with water and add a few drops of oil on top before lighting the candle. For electrical fragrancers, follow instructions given by the manual. For massage: dilute in a carrier oil and gently massage over the skin. Add a few drops to a handkerchief or inhale directly from the bottle if you are on the go. Dilute in distilled water and pour into spray bottle for an all-natural room fragrancer.
You may find that Patchouli blends especially well with bergamot, clary sage, geranium, lavender and myrrh.
Originally from tropical Asia, mostly Indonesia and the Philippines. Still cultivated in these countries as well as India, China, Malaysia and South America.
Add 2-3 drops to a vaporiser to help lift the mood and soothe any tension. Dilute to a maximum of 1% in a carrier oil and use in massage to help balance emotions and relieve stress. Try blending with baking soda and coconut oil to make an all natural deodorant. Add 2-3 drops to a bath along with other balancing oils such as Rose, Jasmine or Lavender to help you de-stress and rejuvenate. Add 3-4 drops to 5ml of shampoo or conditioner base and enjoy its wonderfully soothing aroma as you shower and help reduce the appearance of dandruff.

Used in the East to scent linen, and is believed to helped prevent the spread of disease (prophylactic). In China, Japan and Malaysia it is used to treat colds, headaches, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting as well as snake and insect bites.

Dilute in a carrier oil before skin application. Keep away from children and out of eyes. Do not take internally or apply undiluted to the skin. For further advice on using essential oils to treat medical conditions, we recommend you seek advice from a professional.

Please note that Amphora Aromatics Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or adverse reaction to any recipes, instructions or advice given. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that they have followed the relevant safety protocols and that they are aware of any possible side effects before use. We always advise that a skin patch test is carried out before full usage of any natural product whether purchased from ourselves or elsewhere.

The oil is used in the East generally to scent linen and clothes and it is believed to help prevent the spread of disease In China Japan Malaysia the herb is used to treat colds headaches nausea vomiting diarrhea abdominal pain and halitosis In Japan and Malaysia it is used as an antidote to poisonous snakebites

Complete Essential Oils by Julia Lawless. This book is now discontinued.

It has been used in treatments for obesity possibly because of unsubstantiated reports that it induces loss of appetite and possibly because it reduces fluid retention However it is an antidepressant and I think it is more likely that Patchouli may help with weight loss because it helps the underlying anxiety and depression from which so many fat people suffer In fact it is helpful for all forms of depression anxiety and stressrelated conditions

related conditions.' - an excerpt from Aromatherapy an A - Z by Patricia Davis.
Principal Constituents

Patchouli alcohol (approx 40%), pogostol, bulnesol, nor patchoulenol, bulnese, patchoulene, among others.

Inci Name

Pogostemon cablin Oil

Monday, 13 November 2017

Earthy essential oil - good for feet when diluted and has anti fungal properties

Dan Hall

Monday, 15 May 2017

Amazing addition to your collection of essential oils, earth, the musky exotic aroma really helps to balance a blend that is using lots of high notes to give you a rounded finish.

Chantal Pearce

Sunday, 27 December 2015

one of the basic oils for my peace of mind..i am having a wonderful time mixing oils to create relaxing balms (coconut oil based) good stuff..very well priced..and must have for my grounding.

zeb graham-howard
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