Rory Lowings

Rory Lowings 

Quality Assurance Manager. 

Rory started his career at Amphora in June 2012 and started as a member of the export packing team. He then joined the team in the office and moved to his current role in early 2014. 

Rory is in charge of ensuring that all ingredients and finished products meets our stringent quality thresholds. Ingredients are tested for purity and freshness while finished products are tested for stability and to check that the right ingredients have been used in the correct amounts. 

He oversees our Lab here at Amphora HQ and also works with a number of consultants from various independent companies. His aim is to make sure that every pot that leaves our warehouse meets our rigorous standards. 

Rory is also responsible for keeping up to date with the latest regulations and safety standards both at home and overseas. 

Rory is a keen environmentalist and believes the more that natural remedies and herbs are used to deal with every-day stresses and strains the healthier we can become as a society.