Spotlight On Amphora Aromatic's Essential Oils

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Relaxing and calming

Relaxing and uplifting Bergamot essential oil is a beautiful citrusy-sweet oil which can help boost the immune system.  When it is vaporised, Bergamot creates a calming ambience and is one of the most frequently used oils to treat psychological issues

, such as depression brought on by stress.

Originating from tropical Asia, historically Bergamot oil is most popular in Italy, where today the oil is almost exclusively produced.  The Bergamot tree is named after Bergamo in Northern Italy – a small town where the fruits of the tree were first cultivated.  Bergamot oil is expressed from the peel of whole citrus fruits, which are rasped so oils glands break and release the citrusy-sweet oil.  


In skincare, Bergamot is a popular choice for its superb antibacterial and antiseptic properties - helping clear and protect skin by reducing the bacteria that causes breakouts and acne.

Bergamot essential oil can also stop bacteria from reacting with your skin and causing body odour, which is why this refreshing oil is often used in deodorants.

Key ingredient

Bergamot essential oil is a key ingredient in our new AA Skincare Essentials range, here is a list of the gorgeous naturally effective skincare products containing this oil:

Bergamot & Chamomile Cleansing Gel – a refreshing cleansing wash for oil skin.
Bergamot & Chamomile Moisturising Lotionantibacterial and antiseptic, ideal for oily skin.
Bergamot & Aloe Natural Deodorant naturally effective, without blocking pores or irritating skin.

Aroma in your Home

Bergamot 40hr Pot Candle - made from pure essential oils and 100% natural plant wax, this beautiful fruity scented candle is extremely effect in neutralising bad odours and filling your home with the uplifting citrus aroma.

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It is important to always carry out a patch test before using any natural ingredients you haven’t used before. Just apply a small amount of the blend to the inside on your elbow and keep an eye on the area over the next 24 hours.

If any irritation does occur rinse the area with cool water. If you have blended a few essential oils together you may need to test each one individually to find out which is causing your skin to react.




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If you are making a water based formulation for yourself or to sell then it’s very important that extremely high levels of hygiene are adhered to. Please also be aware that water based products will require some sort of preservative to ensure that they don’t spoil too rapidly. Once water has been included in a formulation bacteria can quickly form and spoil the finished product if preservatives are not used.

Some essential oils can be particularly hazardous for pregnant women. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant then please ensure that you have carefully checked that the essential oil(s) you plan to use are suitable. We recommend that essential oils are avoided altogether during the first trimester of pregnancy. Products should be stored out of reach of children. If you’re planning to use essential oils during pregnancy or with babies or children then you should consult with a professional Aromatherapist first.

Some essential oils are flammable and can be hazardous to the environment. Please ensure they are correctly stored and are disposed of responsibly. We recommend that essential oils are never taken internally and that they should not be applied to the skin around the eyes and mouth.

Any information provided by us, whether online, verbal, via email or letter is not intended as medical instruction or advice. Please seek professional medical advice if you have any concerns about or problems with your health.