COSMOS Organic Evening Primrose Oil 100ml

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  • Naturally moisturising and softening

  • High in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) and Linoleic Acid

  • Helps offer nourishment for more mature skin types

  • Species
    Oenthera biennis
  • Origin
  • Extraction Process
    Cold pressed.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil is high in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), which is regarded as being an excellent ingredient for helping to soothe various forms of dry skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema and combines well with the linolenic property to create a premium moisturising oil. It can also be used in facial massage preparations if blended with another carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Grapeseed.

It is often used in the treatment of dry skin and associated conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Its versatile nature also allows it to be potentially beneficial to acne prone and oily skin types (particularly those caused by hormonal imbalances). It's also sometimes added to preparations for the treatment of a dry scalp and so can be helpful in reducing  dandruff. 

Evening Primrose has a relatively short shelf life so it's often a good idea to blend it with a preserving oil such as Wheatgerm.

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  • Species
    Oenthera biennis
  • Origin
  • Extraction Process
    Cold pressed.
Widely used as a carrier or base oil for the application of essential oils in massage (can also be applied as a massage oil without essential oils). Use in the making of a hair mask. Can also be used as it is for an all natural moisturiser or oil cleanser.
Evening Primrose Oil can be used as a carrier oil to be blended with any essential oil as well as other vegetable or carrier oils.
Massage over the skin to help lock in moisture and promote a healthy glow. If suffering from a flaky scalp or dandruff, massage a small amount into the scalp before washing the hair. Blend with an essential oil (or oils) of your choice and enjoy as a massage oil .
Native to eastern and central North America, now naturalised and cultivated in many suitably temperate countries worldwide including the UK.
Body/Wellbeing/Aromatherapy & Relaxation/Essential Oils & Massage Oils

The origins of the plant are said to derive from North America, where Native Americans would boil the root of the plant and then eat it to help cure stomach aches. They would also boil the leaf of the plant and put the pulp onto their skin to help heal bruises.
It became known as ‘Kings Cure All’ when introduced to Europe in the 17th century.


Ingredients Full
Oenothera biennes Oil

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