The most visible part of our body requires special attention to keep it looking and feeling at its best. 

At Amphora we care about what you put on your skin and our 30 years of experience in creating naturally effective solutions means you can be confident that our team of product wizards know exactly what they're doing. We have a large selection of products and with so many options there's sure to be one that suits you and your skin perfectly. 

Aromatherapy Creams & Gels

Our Aromatherapy Creams and Gels are made with pure essential oils and natural extracts. From the classic best-seller Frankincense & Rose Face Cream to our increasingly popular Lavender & Tea Tree Face gel, there's a cream or gel for a huge range of problems. 

Moisturising Shea Butters

Our intensely moisturising Shea Butters come in 7 deliciously tempting themes. They melt on contact with the face making them easily absorbed and a fantastic way to keep your skin hydrated, clear and healthy. 100% natural, they're made with pure shea butter, essential oils and natural extracts. Our collection of 7 natural moisturisers is just a click away! You'll find our amazingly effective Virgin Coconut Oil moisturiser here as well. 

Deliciously Tantalising Lip Balms

Our popular Lip Balms come in 4 inviting flavours and are specifically formulated to keep lips fully moisturised and looking plump and delicious. They work all year round to protect your lips from harsh toxins caused by pollution and what we eat and drink. 

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